Mar 8, 2021

Our courses - moving towards a community participation!

In the midst of tough situations (the Covid effect still prevails!), many good things have also happened. 

Two medical colleges have just joined us to do our courses. One is the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) at Guwahati, Assam. This is a very new medical college and right now just twenty faculty members are registered for the course. We held an orientation session for them and they were enthusiastic to get an idea of what all we offered in our learning platform. We discussed how they could go ahead with "learning in bytes" and have regular interactions with us. They then also discussed opening the courses to their medical students and we encouraged them all the way! 

The other is AIIMS at Kalyani (West Bengal). This is also a relatively new medical college and they have just got the approval to go ahead - so the formatlies are in process.

We always love interacting with medical students and two of them in the recent past  pointed out minor ambiguities in a couple of questions and then helped us reframe them for clarity. We really appreciate their efforts.

One Dr Roja - a homeopathy physician and research scholar - pointed out some changes that have happened in PubMed, since we did the recording for the course. We have made the said changes in our course site and thanked her for the same.

We do hope to see lots more community participation in keeping our courses upto date and error free. Still more - we hope that with time participants will give us great suggestions in making ithem better and better. This would be a great joint effort! 

Two more medical colleges are evaluating the courses and we look forward to their joining us soon. We are also talking to groups of medical students to encourage them to do the courses. 

Do send up best wishes for many institutions and individuals to sign up for our courses. We want to make a change! 

And right now there is the "Little by Little Challenge that is on in GlobalGiving.. Any donation upto $50 is matched upto 50% by GlobalGiving. Which means donations of more than $50 will be matched with $25. Do consider giving now - your donation makes us get more! 

Jan 25, 2021

Taking the horse to the water and making it drink

We have heard that "You can take a horse to the water, but you cannot make it drink". This is a challenge that we are slowly becoming aware of as medical colleges subscribe to our online courses. 

The college can pay and make our courses available to all, but ensuring that most, if not all students and faculty do the courses is another thing. We at QMed had not given much thought to what we could do about this. We have sent reports about usage of the platform to institutions, but did not do more.

Last week, the librarian of a small research institution that had paid for access in end September 2020, approached us and said that they were concerned that the usage of our courses platform was not as good as the institution would like it to be. He asked if we could have an online session with their scientists and researchers to tell them more about our platform and motivate them to engage better.

We worked on this. In an online meeting where most of them participated, we told them how many had got started on the courses (the number was 23/34 which was actually not too bad). Then we told them that we would love to see all of them starting and finishing all courses.

We explained to them that most video lessons are less than six minutes duration. The longest video is of only 12 mintues duration. It is easy to complete at least 1 - 3 lessons in a day!  The best part is that since the courses are available on the mobile too, people could actually manage one or more videos during any breaks in a day! 

We explained the areas of the website, the easy navigation and how we made the feedback process easy too. With a brief orientation of the key elements, we then appealed to their hearts - "Let us all work together to improve research skills in India. Each of you is an important person in this effort". 

This session went very well with some interactions after our presentation. We now plan to do this for every institution once they are on board. We hope to make a bid difference! 

Do wish us well in reaching out to 530 medical schools and a whole lot of dental, nursing and other institutions! 

Jan 9, 2021

Another Medical College Subscribes to our Courses

In December 2020, Sri Manakula Vinayagar Medical College and Hospital (SMVMCH)  in Puducherry (South India) subscribed for the access to our courses. 

This is the second medical college to take access after AIIMS Bhubaneswar in July 2020. (Three other colleges had taken access from our earlier platform). 

What is important about this institution? For a few years, they had invited QMed to conduct its workshops not only for their faculty and residents, but also for medical students from various institutions attending a conference for Undergrad students that they organized annually. They helped us spread our training among many students who attended this event. 

Then, this institution also made it mandatory for postgraduate residents working on their dissertations, to submit their search strategies. I believe I would be correct if I said that no other institution in India would ask for this. 

Then, their Dean of Research - Dr Amol D had attended an extensive workshop organized jointly by The Union and QMed, on literature searching and referencing. So he himself has learnt these skills from us in great detail

All these factors together, made it easy for them to subscribe to our courses. Dr Amol mentioned that they will ensure that every postgraduate resident shows them a certificate of completion of this course. 

We are making all efforts to encourage more medical colleges to follow these steps

Do wish us luck! 

And from all of us at QMed - your donations are an important component of whatever we have completed. We will work hard to make you feel proud of your having supported us!  

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