Dec 29, 2015

Winter's comming


Shag Navstrechu wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thank you, friends, for your support of disabled children from the orphanage 4 in Pavlovsk. Your support helped us to compensate the work of one volunteer.

The end of the year was bright and joyful: volunteers and children visited the workshop on how to make candles, attended the planetarium and the library.

We also had long walks in Aleksandrovsky and Pavlovsky parks enjoying the warm winter.

But the most memorable event of the winter was November holidays in a city. For a week children lived in Saint Petersburg and visited many interesting places and events and also managed to live an ordinary life outside the orphanage.

Our children will also remember December for different workshops and events: kids had workshops on floristics, had fun on trampolines and attended an interesting exhibition “Roerich Alive”.

Genia Ozerova – is one of the most experienced volunteers of the organization. This is what she writes in her report:

At the very end of the fall we visited the planetarium, I was there with Darina. Darina loved the place although she was lost at first when the lights went off. But then, I helped her to spot the place to look at and she watched the sky and was really happy.

Our volunteers pay lots of attention to our city holidays and Genia always take kids from her group to live in a “different” world. These camps and holidays help children to gain the experience they haven’t had in years because children find themselves in a whole new surrounding with people who care about them, where they can make friends and learn skills they don’t have an opportunity to learn in the orphanage.

Here is what Genia writes about the holidays passed:

This time I took Ksusha on holidays. Together we were in many places – in a theatre, zoo, in a museum for children etc. Ksusha loved it! She watched the theatrical performance with such an interest! In a zoo Ksusha mostly liked animals who jumped or run, slow ones didn’t impress her much:). Ksusha is a very sweet kid – she’s open and very communicative, she makes friends everywhere!

Only love and care can make children change and develop their skills. This is why the “Volunteers’ support” project was created. We thank everyone for the support given to our fosterlings.

Sep 29, 2015

Thank you note from Christina

Ready for the audition
Ready for the audition

Shag Navstrechu would like to take a minute and thank everybody who supported our work and our fosterlings! Thanks to you guys, our kids had a really great and memorable summer!

Your support and trust helped us to compensate the food and fare expenses of our volunteer – Christina Petrova. Christina is a volunteer with a big heart and very soon, she ends her volunteer’s year. She became a teacher, a friend and an older sister for boys of her group. She was there for them when they needed – in a summer camp, in hospitals, in orphanage. She also visited the grown-ups who moved to the orphanages for adults.

Here’s what Christina Petrova, writes in her report:

“Once I stayed with Dima in a hospital. We faced different kind of attitude: from mocks and open insults to tolerant and friendly approach. It was hard to see how painful injections for Dima were. However, we were brave. In a moment like this we see, how strong our kids are, even if they are alone. Despite all the bad, they keep smiling, keep loving this world even when everything is so bad”.

Christina is the amazing volunteer – she sees in her fosterlings what everyone else do not – the potential. Her belief helps them to achieve significant results:

“Dima became very self-sufficient. He can turn the light on, can use a bathroom, can wash. When we were in a summer camp, we made our beds, giggling. We learned to make different faces and poses. For example, once we dressed as members of KISS – and we were rock stars!

Dima became very open and sweet – every time he sees me, he starts smiling and hug me. This year made us real friends”.

Thanks to Christina children became more open. They trust her. In her turn, she never let them down. Because this is the important thing – only in a kind and safe atmosphere children can develop. That is what happened with Igor K.

«Igor is 11. He can’t hear. Almost all day long, he sits in a group in a same pose, on a same carpet, in a same place. He doesn’t play or fool around, barely smiles. In August, we took Igor to the summer camp and finally I heard him laugh. I saw how he played in a hostel, how he watched cartoons and run all over the place. These kinds of moments are big”.

A right to feel, to make a choice, to have a personal space, a right for the happiness – essential rights of a man, which often are taken away from our children. But only when surrounded by love and support a child can change, develop and show his identity. That is the one and only thing why the volunteers’ project was created.

Thank you for helping us to make it possible for the children with disabilities.

Igor and Chtistina on an exhibition "Dali alive"
Igor and Chtistina on an exhibition "Dali alive"
Jun 26, 2015

Every day with Ruslan and Sasha

Last three months were very productive in our volunteers’ department. We attracted many new volunteers to work with children. They brought fresh ideas and initiatives on how we can work, spend time and play with our fosterlings.

We saw a great progress in a group of boys, where our volunteer Christina Petrova works. We’d like to share with you her impressions:

“Ruslan M. – is a very artistic kid! We learn how to express different feelings: joy, sadness, amusement, we even can play a little scene. Ruslan and I also can show different animals. He is very clever boy; you just need to interest him in a process. Recently we learned to draw different geometric figures. Ruslan also loves reading: I read and Ruslan listens.

When I just started my volunteering Ruslan fought a lot with others. We've been establishing a contact during the whole year. Now we are great friends! It’s important to compliment him, console him when he’s upset for him to feel your care. Now he is much calmer. As I said, he is a clever boy – he learns to spell correctly syllables and words, he just needs some time and a quite peaceful place to concentrate.

Ruslan also loves to play with other child of a group – Sasha. Sasha also has achievements in development – he learns to play ball, can build a toy pyramid and can put things back to their places if you ask him to. With care and support, I believe Sasha can learn many other things!”

“Shag Navstrechu” would like to thank you all for your support and we hope that a little examples of our work and Ruslan and Sasha’s achievements would show you how love and care can brighten a child’s life.

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