Dec 31, 2018

Happy New Year from CATS!


Dear Supporters, Happy Holidays from everyone at San Diego Cat Adoption Service (CATS)!

For us, this time of year in San Diego means a short break from (most) kittens being born- a time to catch our breath, spend some extra quality time with our adult cats, and prepare for the next round of kitten madness! Right now at CATS, we have a wonderful array of beautiful, sweet adult and senior cats who are looking for forever homes. Senior cats can be some of the hardest cats to place, sometimes spending many months, or even years in foster care. They are also some of the most in need of love, and most happy to give it, because usually they are former pets who have been separated from their owners by death or severe illness, or in the saddest cases, abandoned outside when owners deemed them too inconvenient. Senior cats often make some of the sweetest companions, especially for those who have less extra energy to devote to the fun but hectic responsibilities of raising a kitten. In addition, once a cat passes it's kitten and teenage years, it's personality has formed, meaning you can choose a cat whose personality and habits suits you best. Having said so much about what wonderful companions senior and adult cats can be, I'd like to introduce you to just a few of the adorable kitties currently available for adoption to a loving home.

First, meet "Misses," an affectionate senior female, spayed, who has just had her teeth cleaned for an extra cute smile (and good health). Because of her age, approximately 10 years, Misses would be free to an approved senior with our Seniors to Seniors program. 

Next, meet "Pizelle," a stunning 'Bombay black' neutered male who was found wandering the streets. Pizelle is sweet, social, playful, and around 3 years old. Though he is nowhere near being a senior cat, he is a full-grown adult, and is very ready for a loving home.

And finally, meet "Kooa" and "Babie." This pair of sweet, bonded adults are a bit shy initially, and would do best in a calm, patient home. Kooa is a gorgeous siamese flame-point mix, with beautiful blue eyes, and Babie is an equally cute long hair calico. Both are approximately 4 years old. 

Wishing you and yours a healthy, happy, peaceful New Year, and many thanks for all you do to support our work saving cats and kittens! Remember to spay and neuter your pets!

In Gratitude, 

Rachel Loseke



Oct 1, 2018

Fall for a Cat from Cat AdopTion Service

Hello Fellow Cat Lovers,

Here at San Diego Cat AdopTion Service, we have had a tough summer. There are simply so many cats and kittens in shelters and on the streets who need rescuing! Recently, it has been a struggle to adopt out kittens and cats fast enough to keep our doors open to new needy cats. This has got me thinking about the choice between buying and adopting pets. With so many pets entering shelters each year, 6.5 million in the US, and about 1.5 million of those being euthanized, I think it's important to remember what a service we are doing each time we choose to adopt! If you or someone in your life is considering adding another furry family member, encourage them to visit their local shelter first!

While our rescued cats wait to find their loving and esponsible forever family, we rely on you, our generous donors, to provide the funds for medical attention, food, vaccines, spay and neuter surgeries, and litter that they need. We can't say enough how thankful we are to you! We also couldn't do it without an incredible team of volunteer foster families, who provide the time, care, attention and cuddles that these neglected kitties desperately need. 

Thank you for all your support, and remember to spread the word about the importance of spaying/neutering pets!



Jul 3, 2018

Summer with CATS!

Dear Supporters,

I can hardly believe that another three months has passed since I last updated you. Part of the reason it has passed so quickly is that here at Cat AdopTion Service (CATS), we have been swamped with cats to rescue, both kittens and adults! In reflecting on the never-ending cyclical nature of our work, I decided to devote this post to reminding all you wonderful animal lovers what you can do to help end homelessness for cats. 

Of course one important way to help is something you do already that we greatly appreciate- donating to local independent rescue organizations, like CATS. Your support allows us to provide the necessary food, litter, medical supplies and vet care to all the cats and kittens we foster. 

Another crucial way to be part of the solution is to spay and neuter your own animals, and make sure your community members are doing the same thing. Talk to your neighbors, friends, colleagues and family about their pets and whether they are fixed. If cost is an issue for you or someone you know, check around; most communities have at least one low-cost or free spay/neuter program. Although kittens and puppies are adorable and it can be tempting to let your pet have a litter, every year 2.7 million cats and dogs are euthanized by shelters in the US because no one wants them- don't contribute to that number! If everyone would spay or neuter their pets, we could eventually lower that number to zero! Help us get to a society where every animal life is valued and cared for. 

Finally, many of our adult cats are rescued from shelters where they would soon be killed. Usually these cats were dropped off there by an owner, for a variety of reasons. Cats are not toys that can be easily discarded or given away. Please remind those around you that cats are an important committment- one that hopefully lasts 20 years and provides much joy and companionship. 

In conclusion, we want to thank you for all you already do to help save homeless cats in and around San Diego County. You make such a difference to our rescue efforts! Without you, we could not continue saving so many precious cats and kittens. 


Rachel Loseke and Elizabeth Tracey


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