Oct 2, 2018

11th Global Giving Report

1 Activity carried out by the Young Leader
1 Activity carried out by the Young Leader

The Goal for Equality Project, during the months of July, August and September of 2018, carried out actions involving learners, educators, youth and community in order to promote gender equality and girl empowerment, using futsal as a tool for social change.

Currently we have 314 students, being 155 girls and 159 boys.

The main actions carried out were:

  1. Formation Meetings of the "Young Leaders" monitors in the themes:

• Gender Equality, Violence Prevention and Culture of the Periphery.

• Specific training - Fundamentals of the modality.

• Vacation marathon planning and implementation: a time when young leaders plan and execute activities for the project learners

• Return from vacation; iniciation of 04 new young leaders; planning and organization of the new training grid; beginning of the specific and common formations on Saturdays; integrated planning about the Leisure Street (25/08)

• Presentation of the video "Goal for equality 2016"; mapping of women's football teams in Vila Albertina and region; Planning about the Walking (29/09)

       2. Formation meeting of the team of educators:

Theme: Worth Dreaming Game, which unites knowledge about sexuality, reproduction and contraception to each young person's dream as a motivation for safe sex



a)       Dream Identification: Methodology and Life Project

b)      Not all Sexual Relations get you Pregnant: Human Reproduction

c)       Pregnancy is a Choice: Contraceptive Methods, Emergency Medication

       3. Futsal classes:

• Techniques - pass, reception, dribbling, marking, finishing;

• Conversation Circle - Socializing / Respecting space, friends and educators / Team spirit / Respecting the rules / Respect for gender differences;

• Main Activities: lightning mini championship; cooperative and recreational games; practice of the tactical system 3: 1; mini game 1x1, 2x1, 2x2, 3x2.


       4. Leisure Activities on Saturdays


       5. Leisure Street: 236 participants

  • 126 girls/women
  • 110 boys/men


        6. Walking: 116 participants

  • 78 girls/women
  • 38 boys/men


The highlights of the quarter were:


1ª) Activity carried out by the Young Leaders Leticia, Kallebe and Matheus

The young leaders carried out activities for 50 children of the Isac Silvério School, putting into practice the knowledge acquired at the Summit 2018.

2ª) Vacation Marathon

These activities are planned and executed by the young leaders, which take place for a week, for all students of the Open Game program, with the supervision of the educators.

3ª) “Centurions” tour

The headquarters of Fundação Gol de Letra, in Vila Albertina, São Paulo, was visited by the "Centurions" Tour of Manchester City. The circuit - which in Brazil toured the cities of Salvador, Rio and São Paulo - is a celebration of the trophies of the Premier League and the English Football League Cup won by the English club.

The event brought together approximately 400 participants, including students from Gol de Letra and students from public schools in the region. The schools E.E. Prof. Izac Silveiro, E.E. Dr. Sócrates Brasileiro, E.M.E.F. João Ramos Pernambuco Abolitionist, CCA Nossa Senhora Aparecida and Promove Vila Albertina were present.

2 Vacation Maraton
2 Vacation Maraton
3 Activitie "Centurions" tour
3 Activitie "Centurions" tour
Jul 3, 2018

Goal for Equality 2018 - second quarter

During the months of April, May and June 2018 the Project Goal for Equality developed actions involving learners, educators, young people and the community in order to promote gender equality and the empowerment of girls, using futsal as a tool for social transformation.

Currently we have 264 students, 126 girls (48%) and 138 boys (52%).

The main actions developed were:


  1. Training sessions of the "Young Leaders" monitors in the themes:
  • Gender Equality;
  • Creation of tables for championships and soccer tournaments;
  • Citizens Giving project with practical activities for the international day of sport for peace to celebrate the potential of sports for citizens' civic education and training;
  • External activity in the football museum with the launch of the book "Never seen squad";
  • Shared assessment of the first semester and presentation of Summit Young Leaders 2018, by the young leaders Matheus Moscardini, Kallebe and Larissa, for the other young monitors.
  • Specific training - Fundamentals of the modality.
  1. Training session of the educators team on Gender Equality;
  2. Futsal classes:
  • Techniques - passing, receiving, dribbling, defending, finishing;
  • Conversation Circle - Sociability / Respect for space, friends and educators / Collective spirit / Respect for rules / Respect for gender differences
  1. Leisure activities on Saturdays;
  2. Leisure Street: 78 participants 
  • 41 girls/women
  • 37 boys/men
  1. Walking event: 105 participants
  • 88 girls/women
  • 17 boys/men


Highlights of the quarter:

1st) International Day of Sport for Peace

To celebrate the International Day of Sport for Peace, young leaders Larissa, Lara and Leticia have developed community football activities for 125 adolescents in the neighborhood.

2nd) May 18th is a day to celebrate the Fight against Violence and Sexual Abuse of children and adolescents

We carried out activities with the students to provide them with information in a way that they can identify situations of violence and abuse. The activities were playful and within a context compatible with their age.

For the team of professionals, we carried out continuous training in the subjects: Sexuality and Childhood, Sexuality and Adolescence, Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Prevention of Violence and Sexual Abuse against children and adolescents.

Below is the link to the guide written by Gol de Letra to support the training of professionals:



3rd) Participation on the Young Leaders Summit 2018

During the period of June 6 to 16 we attended to Citizens Giving Young Leaders 2018. Our group was made of 5 young leaders and one representative of our organization. It was an amazing experience, one week of training to improve skills and strengthen the work with young leaders.

Below is the testimony of a young leader who participated this year for the first time:

"For me the experience was incredible and unique from start to finish. Traveling on an airplane for the first time, leaving my country, getting to know other cultures and countries. If I had to use a word to describe the Summit it would be inspiring. Seeing how it is possible to work with social issues through sport makes me reflect on the expectations placed on the sport. In addition to wellness and physical health, issues such as: Inclusion of the disabled, healthy eating, interaction, building safe environments for practice, female empowerment, all this is linked to football and can be developed through football. It has opened my eyes." ( L. A. 19 years old)

Apr 9, 2018

Goal for Equality 2018 - first quarter

Futsal activity carried out by the young leaders
Futsal activity carried out by the young leaders

During the months of January, February and March 2018, the "Goal for Equality" project carried out actions involving students, educators, young people and the community in order to promote gender equality and the empowerment of girls, using futsal as a tool for social transformation. The main actions carried out were:


  • Advertising the activities, with updated scheduling plan of 2018;
  • Registration of new participants;
  • Re-enrolling of participants to update data information;
  • Training sessions for the "Young Leaders" monitors on Gender Equality;
  • Training session for the educators team on Gender Equality;
  • Planning of futsal activities, considering the objectives established in the project;
  • Futsal classes (involving conversation circles);
  • Leisure activities on Saturdays;
  • Leisure Street Event: 221 participants (people attending to at least 1 of the proposed activities)
  1. kids from 0 to 12 years old: 88, being 54 boys and 34 girls
  2. adolescents from 13 to 17 years old: 106, being 56 boys and 50 girls
  3. adults with more than 18 years old: 27, being 17 men and 10 women
  • Walking Event: 71 participants
  1. 0 to 12 years old: 07 kids (02 girls - 05 boys)
  2. 13 to 17 years old: 03 adolescents (03 boys)
  3. Adults with more than 18 years old: 61 adults (21 men - 40 women)

At the beginning of 2018 we focused our efforts on advertising our activities and assisting families to renew the enrollment of those who were already participating and also on the inclusion of new participants. One of the strategies used in the advertisement was to give more visibility to the open vacancies for girls.

The project is serving 201 students, 99 girls and 102 boys, new registrations are already scheduled in order to reach the established objective.

In March we organized an exchange between the young leaders and colleagues from another social organization. We had the participation of two women's teams of the Gol de Letra Foundation in the Women's Festival ACER, being one team composed of the young leaders and another team composed of students of the futsal class. We highlight that the young leaders Leticia, Larissa and Lara led the organization, planning and training of the teams, putting into practice the knowledge they acquired during the project and with the training they have been to in Manchester, in an exchange organized by the City Football Foundation.

Women's Festival ACER
Women's Festival ACER
Young leaders and Futsal students
Young leaders and Futsal students


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