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Dec 15, 2016

Progress Update

Bonnie (Canadian Lynx)
Bonnie (Canadian Lynx)

First of all, thank you again for making this possible for these wonderful animals. We could not have done it without you!

All of the animals have adjusted quite well to their new home at Keepers of the Wild. They have gained a little weight now that they are being fed on a regular basis.

Bonnie the Canadian lynx has been placed in a natural habitat. We are close to finishing the first two habitats for the lions (Decara, Kemalu & Annika). These habitats are good sized and require additional security measures such as underground chainlink. The lions should be released in about two weeks or so.

We have graded and cleared the other habitat sites for the cougars and leopards. We will begin construction on their habitats as soon as the lion habitats are complete.

We cannot wait to release them! We will capture footage of this wonderful moment and share it with you.

Annika & Kemalu
Annika & Kemalu


Sep 6, 2016

Footage of Monkeys being released into habitats!

Our project "Help Rescued Monkeys in Arizona" is now complete and will be deactivated.

As promised, here is some video footage of the monkeys being released into their new habitats! I hope you enjoy it and we would like to thank you again for making this possible.

Be sure to look at our new fundraiser "Exotic & Wild Animal Rescue Sanctuary in Arizona" on GlobalGiving to continue your support of the animals at Keepers of the Wild. All funds raised will go directly toward food, shelter and medical care expenses of the animals.

Be sure to visit our Facebook page at: for more updates and footage of the animals at Keepers of the Wild.

Aug 24, 2016

Monkey Village Renovation is Complete!

Construction Begins
Construction Begins

We're happy to announce that the renovation of Monkey Village is complete. Thank you for your help to make this a reality for these primates. It has made a tremendous impact on their quality of life!

Three new outdoor habitats were constructed along with a house for indoor quarters. Each enclosure is 12 ft wide x 36 ft long and includes enrichment structures, firehoses, branches, pools and toys.

The happy recipients are Max, Lola, Roscoe & Precious.

Max (Brown Capuchin)  Max arrived on 5-27-2006 and was a pet for a couple,. They decided they no longer wanted him and gave him to a friend. Max was very jealous of any friends who came to visit, so he started to bite. He was then given to another friend, who was determined to find a proper facility for him and she contacted Keepers of the Wild. Max now shares his habitat with another capuchin, Lola.

Lola (Brown Capuchin)  In 1988, Lola became a pet for a couple in Colorado. They gave her free-range of the home and she was very bonded to the man of the house. When Lola turned 8 years old, she started to mature and wound up biting her female owner's ear severely. As the owners realized that Lola needed an appropriate home, they decided on KOTW. Lola has been with Keepers since 1996.

Roscoe (White Faced Capuchin)  Roscoe arrived at Keepers of the Wild on December 4, 2015. He is 15 years old and came to us from an Arizona couple, who bought him as a baby to raise him as their pet. As Roscoe matured and natural instinct kicked in, he started to assert his dominance and bit the male owner. (This is common behavior for primates). The unfortunate decision was made to have all his teeth removed, so he could no longer bite. Roscoe is only able to eat soft, shredded or moistened food. Primates are natural foragers who bite, crack and peel their food for enrichment.

Precious (Ring Tailed Lemur)   Precious arrived on 7-30-2009 and had been privately owned and was relocated to (2) other animal facilities before Keepers was able to give her a permanent home. She was first placed at a zoo, where she did not fit in with their resident lemurs. She was then passed on to a second zoo, where she ganged up with the resident female and harassed the male lemurs.

 Thank you for helping us to enrich the lives of our primate residents!

Stay tuned! We will share photos and video of the primates being released and enjoying their new habitat. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for more progress footage!

Monkey House
Monkey House
Precious and Max & Lola Enclosures
Precious and Max & Lola Enclosures
Roscoe's Enclosure
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