Getting Started Guide

To get started on developing your own GlobalGiving customer experience, have a look at the tips below:

Tip 1: Read the developer Terms Of Service and Code Of Conduct

We want to make sure that the application you envision aligns with our vision for how our code can be used.

Tip 2: Have a look at our developer tutorial

Find a basic tutorial for our API products here.

Tip 3: Try out an API Operation

Our API methods can be tested easily with most any browser.

As an example, try out the Get Themes API Operation by accessing the following URL:

By default the results are returned in XML format, however, they can be changed to JSON format by changing the Accept header explained on the API Conventions page.

Tip 4: Think through the experience you want to create

To know what's possible, have a look at our API Reference Guide. Perhaps you want to create a widget that totals your community's donations to projects in real-time. Perhaps you have an idea for porting GlobalGiving statistics to other sites or cause-related blog communities. Maybe you have an idea for a mobile giving application. Perhaps you have a creative idea for making the interaction between donor and project leader more lively.

Tip 5: Start designing your application

Once you've thought through the GlobalGiving experience you'd like to create for your users, have a look at the GlobalGiving Developer Reference Guide, API conventions, and GlobalGiving terminology. Then create an account to get an api key and join the developer's forumexternal link.