Get Progress Report for a Specific Project

This operation retrieves a progress report(s) for a specific project with the results returned in the Atom standard. Therefore, to receive a response in XML the Accept header must be set to 'Accept: application/atom+xml'. This is a non-secure request as indicated by the '/public/' element in the URL path, therefore, an access token (authentication) is not required.

HTTP Method:


Content Type:

xml, json

Accept Type:

atom+xml, json


Path Parameter:

{projectid} the numeric identifier for a project, replace with actual value, required

Query String Parameters:

&api_key described in the API Key section, required

Query String Example:


HTTP GET Request using cURL:

                  curl -H "Accept: application/atom+xml" -H "Content-Type: application/xml" -X GET ""

XML Response:

                  <feed xmlns="" xmlns:xml="" xml:base="">
                     <title type="text">Fight child hunger in Niger</title>
                     <link href="" rel="self" />
                        <content type="text">In February 2005, the World Food Program (WFP) launched an Emergency Operation initially aimed at preventing vulnerable populations from sliding into a crisis situation. Supporting Niger’s National Mechanism for the Prevention
                            and Management of Food Crises (DNPGCA), WFP provided food aid in a variety of ways. This included take-home rations for the families of malnourished children undergoing treatment in therapeutic feeding centers; food for nomadic herders; and rations
                            to support Food for Work activities.
                         In July, as the DNPGCA’s stocks of food and funding dwindled, WFP expanded its operations to provide free food to households severely impacted by malnutrition. Principal WFP food aid activities are outlined
                            below. To date, WFP’s Emergency Operation has provided food for nearly 3 million people.
                         Click below to read the complete report on WFP's work in Niger.</content>
                        <title type="text">Niger Emergency Operation Report</title>
                           <name>World Food Programme</name>
                        <link href="" />

NOTE: There may be zero or more <entry> elements.

Get Progress Report(s) for a Specific Project Structure

Conforms to the Atom Syndication Format


id string
name string
link [one]

href (attribute) string
rel (attribute) string
entry [one or more]

id string
published dateTime
name string
link [zero or more]

href (attribute) string

Element Definitions for Get Progress Report(s) for a Specific Project

Element Mandatory Description
title required Title of project.
feed -> id required GlobalGiving URI.
feed -> author -> name required Publisher of entire feed, in this case, GlobalGiving.
link [href] attribute required URL to project's progress reports parent page on GlobalGiving site.
link [rel] attribute required The value "self" indicating the value of the href attribute identifies a resource equivalent to the containing element.
feed -> entry -> id required URL to project's specific progress report entry page on GlobalGiving site.
published required Date time stamp of when update was published (format YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss[.s[s*]][TZD]).
content required Progress reports contents.
title required Title for progress report.
feed -> entry -> author -> name required Author progress report.
feed -> entry -> link [href] attribute required URI to an extra resource associated with this progress report content, such as an image, Word document, or PDF file.