Get Gift Card Designs

When sending out email gift cards a gift card design must be specified. This operation retrieves all the available GlobalGiving gift card designs to select from. This is a secure request as indicated by the '/secure/' element in the URL path, therefore, an access token (authentication) is required.

HTTP Method:


Content Type:

xml, json

Accept Type:

xml, json


Query String Parameters:

&api_key described in the API Key section, required

&api_token described in the Access Token section, required

Query String Example:

/api/secure/givingservice/giftcarddesigns?api_key=YOUR_API_KEY&api_token= SOME_API_TOKEN

HTTP GET Request using cURL:

                  curl -H "Accept: application/xml" -H "Content-Type: application/xml" -X GET ""

XML Response:

                  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
                        <name>The Gift of Green</name>

NOTE: The <giftCardDesign> elements are repeating.

Get Gift Card Designs Structure


giftCardDesign [one or more]

active boolean
addressRequired boolean
amountRequired boolean
cardType string
custom boolean
emailRequired boolean
giftCertificate boolean
id int
imageUrl string
media string
name string
previewImageUrl string
quantityRequired string
sendToRequired boolean
thumbnailUrl string

Element Definitions For Get Gift Card Designs Response

Element Mandatory Description
active required True if this gift card is flagged as active on the GlobalGiving site.
addressRequired required True if an address is required when sending a gift card.
amountRequired required True if an amount is required when sending a gift card.
cardType required Type of gift card.
custom required True if this is a custom gift card.
emailRequired required True if an email is required when sending a gift card.
giftCertificate required True if this gift card is a gift certificate.
id required Unique identifier for the gift card design. Used when sending a gift card and specifying the gift card design.
imageUrl required Url of the gift card image.
media required Type of media for this gift card.
name required Name of the gift card on the GlobalGiving site.
previewImageUrl required Url of the gift card preview (smaller) image.
quantityRequired required True if a quantity (how many to generate) is required when sending a gift card.
sendToRequired required True if "send to" information is required when sending a gift card.
thumbnailUrl required Url of the thumbnail gift card image.