Get All Projects

This operation retrieves information for all projects. The result set, however, is limited to a maximum of 10 results for every request. If there are more results available, the response will return two extra elements <hasNext> and <nextProjectId>. Note that these two elements are not present if there are no more available results. The <hasNext> element indicates whether there are more results available and the <nextProjectId> element indicates the next project id to include in the query string to retrieve the next set of results. This is a non-secure request as indicated by the '/public/' element in the URL path, therefore, an access token (authentication) is not required.

HTTP Method:


Content Type:

xml, json

Accept Type:

xml, json


Query String Parameters:

&api_key described in the API Key section, required

&nextProjectId indicates the next project id to start the result set from, optional

Query String Example:



TIP: Adding '/active' to the path returns only active projects able to accept donations. Funded and retired projects are excluded.



HTTP GET Request using cURL:

                  curl -H "Accept: application/xml" -H "Content-Type: application/xml" -X GET ""

XML Response:

                  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
                          <activities>Literacy, English, and income-generating skills classes are offered at the Women's Learning Center in Sar Asia and serve about 540 women per month. The clinic in Jaghartun provides over 2,500 patients per month with medical care and health education.</activities>
                          <contactAddress>Creating Hope International</contactAddress>
                          <contactAddress2>P. O. Box 1058</contactAddress2>
                          <contactCountry>United States</contactCountry>
                          <contactName>Toc Dunlap</contactName>
                          <contactPhone>(313) 278-5806</contactPhone>
                                  <description>15 women will learn to read.</description>
                                  <description>5 women have cloth and tools for the tailoring course.</description>
                                  <description>42 women receive basic health care and health education.</description>
                          <image id="0">
                              <imagelink size="small">
                              <imagelink size="thumbnail">
                              <imagelink size="medium">
                              <imagelink size="large">
                              <imagelink size="extraLarge">
                              <imagelink size="original">
                              <title>Project Image Title</title>
                          <longTermImpact>A full array of medical and educational services are offered to hard-to-reach rural women and girls through Women's Learning Center sites at Jaghartun and Sar Asia. These centers improve the education and health of Afghan women in the region.</longTermImpact>
                          <need>No education has been available to women and girls in the western province of Herat, Afghanistan, for the last decade under the Taliban regime. Project partner AIL began offering Women's Learning Centers to women and girls in rural Herat during 2003. These health and education services at Sar Asia and Jaghartun include a maternal/child health clinic, literacy and skills training classes. This project will ensure continuation of these urgently needed, accessible, culturally sensitive services.</need>
                              <addressLine1>SAMADHAN'S HUMAN RESOURCE CENTER Pocket 2, Sector 2,</addressLine1>
                              <mission>To make the world a better place</mission>
                              <postal>110 047</postal>
                          <region>Asia and Oceania</region>
                          <summary>Empowering rural Afghan women and girls in Sar Asia and Jaghartun, Herat, through education and training opportunities as well as health and reproductive health services.</summary>
                          <title>Learning Centers for Rural Women in Herat</title>

NOTE: The <project> element is repeating.

Get All Projects Response Structure

hasNext boolean
nextProjectId int
project [one or more]

active boolean
activities string
additionalDocumentation string
approvedDate dateTime
contactAddress string
contactAddress2 string
contactCity string
contactCountry string
contactEmail string
contactName string
contactPhone string
contactPostal string
contactState string
contactTitle string
contactUrl string
country string
iso3166CountryCode string
funding decimal
goal decimal
id int
imageGallerySize int
imageLink string Deprecated - use <image>
image [zero or one]

id (attribute) int
title string
imagelink [one or more]

size (attribute) string
url string
latitude decimal
longTermImpact string
longitude decimal
need string
numberOfDonations int
organization [one]

activeProjects int
addressLine1 string
addressLine2 string
city string
country string
ein string
id int
iso3166CountryCode string
logoUrl string
mission string
name string
postal string
state string
totalProjects int
url string
themes xml
countries xml
progressReportLink string
projectLink string
region string
remaining decimal
status string
summary string
themeName string
title string
type string

donationOption [zero or more]

amount int
description string

video [zero or more]

url string

Element Definitions for Get All Projects Response

Element Mandatory Description
hasNext optional True if there are more results available.
nextProjectId optional The value of the "nextProjectId" query string parameter to send in subsequent requests, to retrieve the entire result set.
active required True if project is accepting donations.
activities required Description of the project activities.
additionalDocumentation optional URI of additional documentation on the project.
approvedDate required Date time of when project was approved (format YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss[.s[s*]][TZD]).
contactAddress required Address of project contact.
contactAddress2 optional Address 2 of project contact.
contactCity required City of project contact.
contactCountry required Country of project contact.
contactemail required Email of project contact.
contactName required Name of project contact.
contactPhone required Phone of project contact.
contactPostal required Postal of project contact.
contactState required State or Province of project contact.
contactTitle required Title of project contact.
contactUrl required URL of project.
country required Country of where project resides.
iso3166CountryCode required ISO-3166 2-char country code of project
funding required Total funding project has received to date.
goal required Project goal.
id required Unique identifier for a GlobalGiving project.
image -> id required The ID of the project image "collection". (See image -> imagelink)
image -> imagelink -> size required Size (WxH in pixels) that the image is available in. Possible values:
small: Maximum dimensions of 75x75 - best fit, may be smaller in one dimension.
thumbnail: Fixed size of 80x52.
medium: Maximum dimensions of 300x220 - best fit, may be smaller in one dimension.
large: Maximum dimensions 540x405 - best fit, may be smaller in one dimension.
extraLarge: Maximum dimensions 1024x1024 - may be smaller in either or both dimensions. Will fit larger images to 1024 on one side. Smaller images are not scaled up.
original: The original image file that was uploaded to GlobalGiving and was used to generate the other versions.
image -> imagelink -> url required URI to project's image for specified size.
image -> title optional The image title, if available
imageGallerySize required Number of images that make up projects photo gallery. Use the Get Image Gallery operation call to retrieve the extra images.
imageLink required URI to project's image. This field is deprecated, please use the <image> element!
latitude optional Latitude coordinate of where project resides.
longTermImpact required Long term impact goals of project.
longitude optional Longitude coordinate of where project resides.
need required Description of project's need.
numberOfDonations required Total number of donations received to date.
organization -> activeProjects required Number of projects this org has that are accepting donations.
organization -> addressLine1 optional Line 1 of organization's address.
organization -> addressLine2 optional Line 2 of organization's address.
organization -> city optional City where organization resides.
organization -> country optional Country where organization resides.
organization -> ein optional EIN for the organization, if available.
organization -> id required Unique GlobalGiving identifier for the associated organization.
organization -> logoUrl optional URI for organization's logo.
organization -> mission required Organization's mission.
organization -> name required Organization's name.
organization -> postal optional Organization's postal code.
organization -> state optional Organization's state, when available.
organization -> totalProjects required Total number of projects organizaiton has had or has on globalgiving.
organization -> url optional URL to organization's website.
organization -> themes optional themes for the organization
organization -> countries optional countries the organization operates in
progressReportLink required URI of progress report for project.
projectLink required URI to project's page on GlobalGiving's site.
region required Name of region that country is a part of.
remaining required Total amount remaining for project to meet its goal.
status required Current status of project. Can be one of:
active, funded, retired, review, unsearchable, or qualifying.
See the active field to determine if project will accept donations.
summary required Summary description of project.
themeName required Categorization of project's theme, e.g. education.
title required Project's title.
type required The type of project, could be 'project', 'microproject' or 'fund'
donationOptions -> donationOption -> amount required Specific donation amount helping achieve a goal.
donationOptions -> donationOption -> description required Description of what specific donation amount helps achieve.
videos -> video -> url optional URI to project videos if available.