Donor Communication and Providing Tax Information

Once you create your giving experience, you can determine a number of opportunities to communicate regularly to your donors in hopes of keeping them engaged.

One critical piece of communication that all giving experiences should include is a thank you email. Of course, donors should be thanked for their donation - and in the process, this is a great opportunity to also give the donor a sense for the impact their donation might have. In addition to thanking the donor, the "thank you email" is the best place to include pertinent tax information that the donor will need at tax time.

Lastly, the thank you note is a great place to remind donors that they will be able to stay connected to the project through project progress reports that will be automatically sent to them via email.

Below are a few of the components that should be included in your post-donation "thank you" communication.

Sample "thank you" communication

Dear Kate,

Thank you for giving to projects through [your giving experience]. Your contribution is supporting the work of amazing individuals who are leading these projects in local communities around the world.

Sample progress report communication

In the coming months, you'll receive authentic progress updates as they are posted by the projects. You'll know how your contribution is being put to work, and the results that are being achieved. Once you've read a progress report, please feedback on it - your reactions and comments are valuable to Project Leaders.

Transaction summary and tax information

Here's a summary of your transaction:


Invoice #: R108603-GC327355-CBcb01

Amount: $16.00
Qty: 1
Total: $16.00
Donation Type: Donation
Project Title: Connecting Forest islands in Costa Rica
Project ID: 3558-cb01
Gift Recipient(s): None

This donation was processed by the GlobalGiving Foundation, a US 501(c)3 organization.

Gifts to the GlobalGiving Foundation represent an irrevocable donation, are non-refundable, and do not pay dividends or interest income. The GlobalGiving Foundation has provided no goods or services in consideration for your gift.

The GlobalGiving Foundation's tax-exempt ID number is 30-0108263.

And, then, of course, your organization's closing message and signature.

Below is a great example of a thank you email from our Friends at Kizuna Cranes

donor thank you example