We created the GlobalGiving API so that GlobalGiving fans and developers can take projects on GlobalGiving, and the ability to donate directly to them, anywhere on the web - or introduce new experiences to our existing community of GlobalGiving Project Leaders and donors. We look forward to working with you to expand GlobalGiving's reach and impact!

To use the GlobalGiving API, you must first create an account and then request a key. This is a quick, simple process that enables us to better serve your application. With an account set up, you can access start using your api key to access the available API operations.

This first version of the API is fairly basic. It is based on a set of RESTful web-servicesexternal link through HTTPS which provides the simplest and quickest way to access information for GlobalGiving projects and to submit a donation. As we learn more, and as you provide us with feedback, we look forward to launching more of the functionality you want.

There are two key areas of this site to support your work: First, is this Developer Reference Guide of which you are reading the introduction, and which includes all the information you need to develop your application. Second, is the Developer Forumexternal link where you can see what others in the developer community are creating, share thinking, collaborate, and provide us with feedback and input on our next set of code.