Help a Haitian Learn the Skills to Find Work and Receive this Hand-Made Card

Your free gift when you donate $15 to: Change Lives with English Education

Help a Haitian Learn the Skills to Find Work and Receive this Hand-Made Card

Two thirds of Haitians are unemployed and more than 50% of the population lives on less than $1.25 a day. Despite high unemployment, English speakers can find work in hotels, restaurants and offices, but there are virtually no free English schools in Port au Prince. Most Haitians can’t afford school fees so they can’t learn English.

The English in Mind (EIM) Institute aims to solve that problem by providing free, high-quality English classes for more than 150 students. The school also has a networking service, a teacher training programme, and a student teaching programme. EIM’s work helps students find employment and become self-sufficient.

Demand for places in the school is ever increasing and there are now more than 300 people on EIM’s waiting list.

When you donate $15, you’ll help us welcome more students so that they can find a route out of poverty and receive a hand-made card from a Haitian artisan. Cards are available in a variety of Holiday and general themes.

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