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More than 2.6 million people on multiple continents have contracted the new coronavirus. The virus is now present on every continent except Antarctica, and stopping its spread is a worldwide priority.

The Aptiv Foundation is working with GlobalGiving to support frontline responders and meet impacted communities’ needs for healthcare, food, and water. GlobalGiving will continue to support longer-term education and recovery efforts run by local, vetted organizations in affected regions as the situation unfolds.

India COVID-19 Relief Fund
India is grappling with a deadly COVID-19 outbreak. More than 200,000 people have died due to a second coronavirus surge in India and hundreds of thousands of people are infected each day. Many are unable to get the medical help they need. Donations to this fund will help treat patients and slow the spread of COVID-19 in India.

Coronavirus Relief Fund
The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the worst health and economic crises in modern history and it continues to require the best of humanity to overcome. Your donation to this fund will help stop COVID-19's spread and protect us all.

Asia Pacific

Coronavirus Relief Aid Distribution & Support
As of April 28, 2021, Japan's COVID-19 death toll surpassed 10,000 and the total number of confirmed cases topped 577,000. Surges in confirmed cases strain the local medical systems and facilities everywhere require additional support. Additionally, the pandemic has caused other issues including increase in domestic violence, mental health problems, and more. Therefore, Civic Force and our partners are strengthening our response activities in Japan to counteract the effects of the virus.
[KKOOM] Support for young adult Korean orphans
This project provides support to young adult South Korean orphans who otherwise do not have access to financial resources to help with job search expenses, relocating out of the orphanages, and accessing post-high school educational opportunities through scholarships and one-time grants.
COVID-19 Global Food Bank Response
COVID-19 is making the plight of those facing hunger much more difficult. The Global FoodBanking Network (GFN) and its food banking organizations are on the front lines in over 40 countries outside of the U.S. working tirelessly to serve those seeking hunger relief services now more than ever. GFN food banks remain rooted in communities during this crisis. We need your support to continue to build and support strong food banks that serve millions of people. Learn more at
Help the vulnerable fight coronavirus in Japan
This project will produce chlorine-based disinfectant for distribution to 300 needy institutions and the vulnerable they serve, in areas such as Tokyo and Osaka, where emergency declarations have been made. These institutions include hospitals, clinics, homes for the elderly, handicapped service agencies, mentally handicapped service agencies, day care centers, nursing homes, home care nursing service agencies, orphanages, kindergartens, child care centers and those serving the homeless.

The Americas

United Way for SE Michigan COVID-19 Response Fund
United Way is committed to standing with our communities and supporting those impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. COVID-19 is a new test of our collective strength. As millions are on lockdown and businesses are closing, unemployment is spiking. Paying rent and utilities, getting food and finding basics like diapers is tougher than ever before.
Gleaners Community Food Bank COVID-19 Response
Food banks are essential service providers. Gleaners has expanded our food distributions in southeastern Michigan to help feed those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Greater Boston Food Bank COVID-19 Response
The Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB) continues to work alongside our 500+ partner hunger-relief agencies, including food pantries, community meal programs and other food assistance providers throughout the nine counties and 190 towns and cities across Eastern Massachusetts.
Project Anchor- for adolescent victims of abuse
Project Anchor is a trauma recovery program that is focused on helping female sexual assault victims who are between the ages of 12-18 years old. This program includes individual and group sessions that are centered on expressing emotions, boosting self-esteem, and teaching resourceful coping skills. Anchor facilitators utilize various methods such as art, games, and other hands on activities aimed at increasing protective factors against already existing risk factors for young survivors.
Feed Families in Appalachian Ohio
Fresh and healthy foods are essential. Unfortunately, these foods are inaccessible to many people, especially rural and low-income families. The Donation Station at Community Food Initiatives (CFI) addresses the most immediate food security issue -access to healthy, fresh foods for all. We are based in Athens County, Ohio, where rates of hunger are the highest in the state. We are seeking to expand our current program to meet the needs of our community and share our model across Southeast Ohio.
Este proyecto brindara capacitacion en linea a 125 emprendedoras de de 7 estados de Mexico. Les daremos herramientas para que transformen sus negocios a las nuevas necesidades del mercado derivado de COVID-19. / This project will provide online training to 125 female entrepreneurs from 7 states of Mexico. We will give them tools to transform their businesses to the new needs of the market derived from COVID-19.
United Way Mexico COVID-19 Response
United Way Mexico will work to provide immediate relief to those impacted by COVID-19, Delivering Emergency Medical Supplies, Food and Hygiene Products and Safe Kits for Medical Personnel. United Way and its partners will work together to provide immediate relief to those that are being most affected by the isolation and the prevention methods.
Help to produce 40k COVID-19 fabric masks
Instituto Oswaldo Ribeiro de Mendonca has a mission: produce 40k COVID-19 fabric masks for free distribution in asylums, elderly people, shelters, disadvantaged neighborhoods in four cities (Orlandia, Ipua, Guaira and Miguelopolis). O Instituto Oswaldo Ribeiro de Mendonca tem uma missao: produzir e distribuir gratuitamente 40 mil mascaras de tecido para proteger moradores de asilos, entidades filantropicas, hospitais e pessoas carentes contra o COVID-19 no interior do Estado de Sao Paulo.
Vocational Training for Young People in Brazil
An opportunity to change disadvantaged young lives for the better through professional qualification and training. We encourage socially vulnerable young people to choose education, inspiring them to dream and aim higher. We offer training opportunities in recognized educational institutions and provide continued individual follow up. We also create initiatives to increase our participants chances in finding formal work.

Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

Coronavirus Emergency in Italy
The Covid-19 has been spreading fearlessly in Italy and Specchio dei tempi actively helping. We have donated machineries and equipment to hospitals and delivered grocery bags with food and products to the elderly and single moms, donating tablets to keep the children in school and giving out sanitizing kits to the structures. In addition we have just launched a new tender to support small businesses in Venice and help them get back on track. Help us obstructing Covid-19 and suppor those in need.
Clean Drinking Water for 1250 Villagers in Morocco
This project seeks to provide potable water for 5 villages in Morocco's High Atlas Mountains. Approximately 60% of rural Moroccans lack piped potable water. Unhealthy drinking water causes frighteningly high infant mortality (many families lose half their children to water-borne diseases), shorter life spans and reduced energy for livelihoods. Further, time spent to procure non-potable water adds to the already substantial burden of women and girls and prevents their participation in education.
Let's Help Syrian Refugee Children in Serbia Now!
Over 650,000 refugees from Middle East, mainly from Syria, have entered Serbia over the last 18 months and are still coming in hundreds on daily basis. Amongst them are more than 200,000 children and over 5,000 of them are unaccompanied ones. We are trying to help them stay physically and mentally healthy. Alongside humanitarian aid, we are also trying to develop an online Q&A list for their protection, information and education on how and where they can seek medical, legal and social help.
Die Arche - Warsaw
"Making children strong for life!" This slogan neatly sums up how "Die Arche" reaches out to support socially disadvantaged children and young people in inner cities of Germany and Poland. Every day, the children we support enjoy a free lunch, get help with their homework and have a chance to participate in meaningful after-school activities. At Die Arche, we give children the space they need to discover their potential. We nurture their talent, encourage and facilitate educational achievement.
Die Arche - Hamburg
"Making children strong for life!" This slogan neatly sums up how "Die Arche" reaches out to support socially disadvantaged children and young people in inner cities of Germany. Every day, the children we support enjoy a free lunch, get help with their homework and have a chance to participate in meaningful after-school activities. At "Die Arche", we give children the space they need to discover their potential. We nurture their talent, encourage and facilitate educational achievement.
Coronavirus Relief for Children in Serbia
This project will help us provide basic food for the poorest children in Serbia who, with schools being closed, have lost the only secure daily meal. It will also give them access to the online education being provided but which they cannot follow without internet, electricity or any other remote learning resource. With the state of emergency and lock-down their parents have lost any opportunity to earn any money. We need to help their children get food, stay healthy and keep learning.
Partnering to emancipate tomorrow's citizens
SFM Clichy provides the means for social and cultural inclusion to underprivileged populations in the greater Paris area. It allows them effective citizen participation through access to knowledge and rights. We assist more than 300 families in their emancipation journey through a range of activities, from childcare to adult language courses and parenthood workshops. We also offer notary public services with the help of a team of 35 volunteers and cater to over 4000 queries every year.
Rehabilitation Support For Refugees in Germany
by IsraAID
Over one million asylum seekers arrived in Europe, seeking refuge from armed conflict. Following the mass influx of refugees arriving in Germany, IsraAID, launched "Bridges of Hope" which aims to provide holistic long term support for refugees upon their resettlement. On top of the cultural shock, many refugees carry deep physical and emotional scars from the violence and unspeakable atrocities suffered during years of conflict; the most vulnerable among them are women and unaccompanied minors.
Nurses for Night Care
76% people want to die at home, but only 26% are able to due to difficulties in meeting their medical needs. We fund night nursing so people can fulfil their final wish to spend their last days in their homes, also providing much needed respite for their families. In 2017 we will receive requests for 2,500 nights of nursing around Ireland. It will cost us $336 per night ($858,960) (a 23% increase on 2016). We receive limited core state funding so are reliant on donations to fund this service.
Break Poverty Cycle of Roma Children in Romania
Care2Travel will provide after-school programs in Transylvanian schools with high concentrations of Roma children to provide them the necessary skills and support to discontinue the cycle of poverty that their families have experienced for generations. Our program will bring in specialized teachers after school to ensure these disadvantaged children can perform at the social and educational level they are expected to, while keeping them fed and off the streets.
Education Versus Lost Generation!
Today, Turkey is home to the largest refugee population in the world with nearly 4 million refugees coming from over 60 nations. Having a sustainable life in Turkey is the part that you can take action by supporting education not only by encouraging over 1 million refugee children to get enrolled in schools but also continue their education at university. Fight against "lost generation", child labor and marriage and be part of the resilience and empower youth to build their countries' future!
Covid-19: Emergency help for children and youth
Due to the health and economic crises that our country Morocco is currently experiencing, many of our young people are now unemployed and 130 children living in boarding schools came back to the villages of SOS children. The association is facing major financial issues because we must ensure their safety, accommodation, food, health and their education and this in addition to the 560 children already present in our villages and 176 children we help through our family strengthening programs.
Remote Learning Package
We as Darussafaka Society, have made decisions due to COVID-19 pandemic affecting the whole world lately. Now that we have decided to start online/remote instruction for all our students for safety purposes. Making sure they have all returned to their home in 71 provinces of Turkey safely, our effort is to make them feel as if they study together in the classrooms of Darussafaka, with the same enthusiasm they always feel.
CORONA virus / COVID-19 - We take precautions
The current, really frightening, corona/COVID-19 pandemic affects many areas of the work of ProDogRomania and we have to face these challenges and look for solutions so that we can care solidly for our dogs in our shelters in Romania.
Support Croix-Rouge francaise
The French Red Cross is an association governed by the Act of July 1 1901, its fundamental principles, and recognized as a charitable organisation committed to the fields of emergency response and first aid, social action, health, training, and international solidarity. The French Red Cross works to improve the situation of vulnerable people, particularly victims of natural and technological disasters, and seeks to find each beneficiary the conditions for a dignified existence.
Support Emergency Homeless Services in Ireland
Ireland is in the middle of a housing and homelessness crisis with record numbers of men, women and children trapped in emergency accommodation and many more living in housing insecurity. The Simon Communities across Ireland provide support and services to thousands of people experiencing this stress and trauma. These funds will help us to continue providing these essential services to a growing number of people. Whatever the issue, Simon's door is always open, for as long as we are needed!
Resilience Academy Mental Health Classes for Teens
The Resilience Academy is an evidence-based training programme to build resilience and coping skills for young people. These necessary resilience and coping skills are often expected but rarely taught. This programme is designed to provide students with the information, strategies, and resources that they will use through their school careers and beyond, to cope with stressors in a positive and constructive way.
COVID-19 for Italy: education doesn't stop
COVID-19 infections in Italy exceeded 15,000 units, over 7,000 in Lombardy. The emergency is seriously stressing the Healthcare System which must face a very high number of hospitalizations and the exponential increase in places in intensive care. The government imposed severe restrictions: from the lockout of all non-essential activities to the closure of schools of all levels.We want to guarantee support to the most vulnerable Children with educational and sanitary services
Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty Fou COVID-19 Response
The COVID-19 outbreak caused by the SARS-CoV-2 factor seriously threatens individuals and community health. Due to this unexpected situation, the needs of healthcare workers increase and therefore they are struggling to find essential supplies while working in the field, each day this situation puts them at an increased risk for infection.

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