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Operation Hope develops psychologically healthy children among the primary age orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) from 40 schools in Swaziland by equipping local community members as follows: 1. Two teachers are trained and equipped to support and counsel children in Hope Clubs. 2. Two youth leaders are equipped to run Hope Clubs and Hope Camps and intervene in kids lives daily. 3. Care givers are trained to monitor and assist in home situations.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

The children of Swaziland have been innocent victims of HIV/AIDS pandemic that has swept the land. The trauma of losing parents and personal moorings has left them with a sense of impermanence and uncertainty. The fragility of their existence presents unique challenges for their well being and behavior. These children are often not able to manage the heavy responsibilities that fall on their shoulders. There is insufficient governmental infrastructure to assist them.

How will this project solve this problem?

Operation Hope is a carefully constructed a program of psychosocial support that is sensitive to the needs of orphans. The central goal is to build resilience in these destitute children and to bring hope to situations where hope has been lost. The program is coordinated by youth leaders who are trained to guide orphans and vulnerable children in overcoming adversity (grief, loss, trauma and neglect) through activities and counseling.

Potential Long Term Impact

Trained youth leaders provide support to the OVCs who are left helpless by the deaths of their elders. They host weekly Hope Clubs at each location and make home visits to help kids with heavy home responsibilities and school work. This project is taking a broad view toward populating Swaziland with capable, competent citizens who can take up responsible positions in Swazi society that might otherwise remain vacant.

Funding Information

This project has been retired and is no longer accepting donations.

Additional Documentation

This project has provided additional documentation in a DOCX file (projdoc.docx).



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