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Global Open Challenge

Global Open Challenge

300+ organizations around the world have to raise $5,000 from 40 donors in 30 days to earn a spot on GlobalGiving. See who's winning.

2014 Year End Campaign

We’re offering nine bonus awards to the top projects that raise the most money from their supporters in GlobalGiving’s Year-End Campaign. Learn More.

GlobalGiving Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Give the gift of giving with a GlobalGiving Gift Card. Available in paper, ecard, and print-at-home. Learn more.

Ebola Epidemic Relief

How To Help

Support ebola epidemic relief efforts in Africa by funding medical supplies and educational material. Learn more.

Double Your Donation

Donate to projects in the Philippines working on continued recovery Typhoon Haiyan and your donation will be matched. Learn more.

Safer World Fund

Get Your Donation Matched

For a limited time, donations to all Safer World Fund projects are being matched with $50,000 in funds. Learn More.

Project of the Month Club

Join & Get a Free $25 Gift Card

Your monthly recurring donation will support a different innovative, high-impact project each month automatically. Learn more.



This new guide, created by GlobalGiving, will give you all the tools you need to plan, launch and execute a winning fundraising campaign. Read more!

New York Times

Nick Kristof Recommends

View projects that have been recommended by Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times Learn more.

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