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$6.000 will provide Shiloweni with food, veterinary care and maintenance of his solar powered electric fence for one full year. In the wild Shiloweni was getting too close to humans. He had to be relocated but unfortunately, during this process he lost his canines. Therefore he couldn't be rehabilitated and was sent to Daktari. Our beloved Shiloweni needs your help for his care at Daktari.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Leopards are solitary animals, this means that they hunt alone and have to defend their own territory. Shiloweni can still hunt but since he lost his canines he cannot pull his prey up a tree, in which case hyenas, lions or other predators could easily steal his food. After a failed attempt to relocate him, it was clear he could not defend himself from rivals either. DAKTARI was able to give him a suitable home where he would be fed and safe from any other predators.

How will this project solve this problem?

Shiloweni is a rather large leopard and needs a lot of food which we have to buy from butchers or other farms. As they can easily jump any other fence, ours is enforced with electric lines. These are solar powered but require maintenance. With your help we can feed him, maintain his camp and give him the required medical assistance in case of illness or injury in the future.

Potential Long Term Impact

Shiloweni is still a young leopard and has at least another 10 years ahead of him. With your help we can keep him happy and include him in our educational program to teach the local underprivileged children about their environment. This teaches them that killing wildlife is unnecessary and that there are other solutions to protect their livestock. These solutions will help keep their environmental heritage alive.

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Michele Merrifield

Hoedspruit, Limpopo South Africa

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