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Public Education in Cambodia faces great challenges and it often fails to provide skills that are useful to access job market. Low-income youth, especially from rural areas, which can't afford private education, doesn't really have the choice to attend high schools or Universities or to choose their own career paths. Salariin Kampuchea is a Cambodian NGO that provides free extra-curriculum English, Computer and Life skills courses to poorest children and young people of Siem Reap province and the rural areas. Siem Reap is the number one tourist destination in Cambodia but also one of the poorest regions in the country, with 51.8% of the population living in poverty. Outside of the tourism s...
Aug 26, 2014

Computer Skills, Spelling Bee and Work Experience

Youth team becomes volunteer teachers
Youth team becomes volunteer teachers

Our aim is to expand the life prospects of disadvantaged children and young people in Siem Reap by empowering them to respond to Cambodia’s changing job market. To achieve this, we provide beginner and intermediate English language classes, basic computer skills training, and work experience opportunities.

Computer Skills:

In the last three months, three computer classes graduated from the introductory Excel program. 23 out of 26 students passed the final test successfully and we will present them with certificates next month. 53 new young people have registered for the next basic introductory computer course, and have been divided into 3 classes.

Spelling Bee:

The Spelling Bee is a special annual competition which helps students with their English vocabulary. Students from ten basic and intermediate classes will participate in the competition. Students have been given word lists taken from their text books to revise, and have been trained in the rules of a Spelling Bee.  

One student, Mesa, expressed her feeling about learning English with SK:

“My name is Mesa. I am 15 years old. I am a student and a youth volunteer of Salariin Kampuchea Organization. Before I study at Salariin Champ, I did not know how to teach, how to work in group and I am afraid of standing in front of many people but while I am studying there, I get education not only English, but I have also a chance to learn to work in team, do a research and have a cooperation in team work. Moreover, I and other students have an opportunity to join the school’s program such as student’s parent meeting. We present the school project and its programs. Beside of the these, Salariin Kampuchea provides me an opportunity to be  a student volunteer to teach and encourage weak students for their study here. On the other hands, in the end of every lessons teacher always gives them exercises to research and work in group and do a presentation. this is why I can improve or increase my knowledge, do not be afraid of standing in front of lots of people and also make very intimate between students and students. We can share knowledge to each other. Sometimes, we also vision the hotels which are the cooperation partner. Last but not least, I am very happy that I have chosen a good school because Salariin Kampuchea provides high quality of education and feel confident on ourselves. Therefore, I still study at Salariin Kampuchea and study hard to be good student, good kid, good friends and good citizen to develop my school and community. Salariin Kampuchea is the best choice.”

Work experience availabilities

To help them respond to Cambodia’s changing job market, Salariin Kampuchea offers young people who have graduated from both our English and computer programs the chance to experience work internally with SK teachers, or externally with our partner companies and restaurants. Currently, 15 ex-students have signed up for internal work experience. These young adults make up our “youth team”, and assist our teachers and librarian, gaining hands-on teaching experience that they will take into future careers. The work experience program also provides young people with their first reference, which will greatly help them as they search for work in the future.

One student, Sreyroth, shared her felling about the work she is doing at Salariin Kampuchea:

” My name is Sreyroth. I am 18 years old. I live in Chreave village, Chreav commune, Siem Reap, Cambodia. Salariin Kampuchea has provided me to study English, computer and life skills. Now I am trained to become a teacher. I really enjoy to study here because all the teachers are educated and friendly. I already finished my English, computer and life skills class successfully. Teachers always have encouragement, supporting and giving us a chance to become a volunteer teacher to help weak students in the school. Actually, I am happy with my job here. I have more confident on myself and get a new experience. All students are improving day by day after I help them before their class starts.  They are also happy with my support and encouragement. I hope that they will become smart and strong students. They will get high education and become brave.”

Another student, Em, gave her feeling about the work she is doing at Salariin Kampuchea:

“My name is Sa Em. I am 18 years old. I live in Chreav village, Chreav commune, Siem Reap district, Siem Reap province. I am a student in Salariin Kampuchea organization. Salariin Kampuchea invaded me English, computer and life skill class. Moreover, Salariin Kampuchea gives me a chance to become a youth team. I teach children so that I get a lot of experiences, knowledge  and  have funny activities with children. I know about children what they want to do or to study. It is wonderful for me because I share my knowledge and my experience to other students. I hope they will get successful with their study. Finally, I want to say thanks to Salariin Kampuchea Organization team for everything.”

Over the next three months, we will conduct certificate tests for the basic level English classes, and arrange the finals of the Spelling Bee competition. We will also hold a certificate ceremony for graduating English and computer students. Hygiene awareness and education activities, focusing on hand washing, will also be conducted for more than 200 students. We will also run origami and drawing activities in the library. Finally, computer teacher training will be provided for our youth team, and a blog building workshop will be held for both youth team and staff.


We would like to thank everyone who supported us though GlobalGiving. With your help we hope to continue and build upon the success of our non-formal education program.

Warmest regards, 

The Salariin Kampuchea Team

Youth team teaches computer students
Youth team teaches computer students
Youth team teaches English to weaker students
Youth team teaches English to weaker students


Jul 25, 2014

The 3rd Life Skill Generation Benefit from Visit

Visit a hotel
Visit a hotel

Our aim is to provide social and career opportunities to young adults from which they can gain skills, knowledge and experience. We do this through apprenticeships and visits to local businesses in Siem Reap. Please read on to find out more about our first visit to a local hotel for the 3rd generation of Life Skills students.

In the last few months, we have made excellent progress with social education and career training. The courses have included: communication, food, diseases, the body and a visit to a hotel.

At the start of June, our students went on their first visit to Le Meridien Angkor Hotel ( The visit was a big success, as students have gained insight, knowledge and first-hand experience of hotel industry – one of the biggest employers in the area.

A student, Pov shared her feelings about the visit: “When I arrived at the hotel with my classmates and teachers, I feel a bit nervous and worried because I did not know what to do but everything changed with the hotel staff’s friendly welcome, I was very happy and excited. It was beautiful and I learnt about the decoration of the hotel. I gained a lot of knowledge and experience from the hotel. Firstly, I saw staff doing work that I have never seen before. Secondly, I learnt about the hotel background. Thirdly, I learned about the staff positions, for example: accountant, bartender, mechanic, cook, receptionist, housekeeper, manager, and service etc. I am very thankful to the teachers and the Le Meridien Angkor Hotel for allowing me to visit the hotel. I hope I can visit other hotels again.”

In the coming three months, we will organize further visits to local businesses; invite a guest speaker from a hotel to share their experiences in follow-up workshops and continue social education including hygiene, sexual and physical education classes. These courses are essential in ensuring our students are healthy, confident and have the skills they need to gain employment.

We are very proud to have provided this extremely valuable course, and we would like to thank all donors again who supported us through Global Giving. With the help of our partners at Global Giving, and you, we hope to keep building on this and moving forward with our personal and career training program for young adults.

Warm regards, 

The Salariin Kampuchea Team

Group discussion for social education
Group discussion for social education
Quiz for social lesson
Quiz for social lesson


May 28, 2014

Impacts of SK Computer Students

Computer class
Computer class

We equip children young adults in Siem Reap the English language, computer literacy classes and a Life Skills programme to over 200 students. It is Salariin Kampuchea’s goal to help the disadvantaged children and youth in this region to have a good education and help them to enter the job market in Cambodia successfully.

General Outputs:

In April, our librarians, English teachers arranged decoration activities assisted by our students. They are happy to decorate in their classrooms and library. Furthermore, in beginning of April, our football team placed number 2 in Junior Soccer League organized Globalteer organization in Siem Reap.

Computer project-Impact

We equip youths with the necessary computer skills and enable them to graduate from our computer program successfully. They are also able to use and share their computer knowledge with next generation through doing volunteer work with Salariin Kampuchea and other NGOs in their local community.

With what we have provided, they are also able to improve their electronic communication through internet by using email and social media. At SK all the computer students have their own personal email address and Facebook page.

Furthermore, our students will be able to successfully obtain employment with local businesses. This also increases employment rate in Siem Reap of Cambodia. The most important aspect of our work and your contribution is that SK and you the students attending our classes an opportunity to rise out of poverty through education.

In the words of one of our student Vichet :  “My name is Vichet. I am very happy with my computer class. What I have learnt in my computer lesson at Salariin Kampuchea is basic computer knowledge and skill. I have also learnt about computer components, software and hardware. I can use MS. Word Processor and spreadsheet effectively now.  It should now be easy for me to look for any admin employment work that requires a basic computer skill.”

Another student, Put provided his history and said:
“Salariin Kampuchea has many programs such as English language, football, library, and life skill. I attended these programs. Besides these programs, I attended my first computer class with my computer teacher in 2009. First I started typing and I really wanted to learn it. I sometimes went to the computer classroom before or the lessons started to practice typing as some computers were free then.
I also went to the library room to read English books and practice my typing on the computer there. A year later I was admitted to attend a MS. Office Word class in 2011. At that time I tried to attend the class more regularly even if I was busy with my housework. When I had a final exam of the computer MS. Word course, I fortunately passed the exam and I continued to the MS. Excel course. However, Excel program was extremely hard for me, and I had to study hard in order to follow the course. I always went to school early to practice what what I learnt in the previous lesson. I took several tests, and always did well, as I worked hard and practiced my skills as often as I could. I also used the opportunity to ask the teacher when I got stuck or when I did not understand the lessons. I was rarely absent in the class. It is required of the students at SK to have a near perfect attendance score. One year later, I had a final exam. Luckily I passed it and I got the top score in class. I graduated from the computer program late 2013.  A few months later, I was allowed to do volunteer job at Salariin Kampuchea.
Now I am doing volunteer work, assisting my computer teacher and supporting the next generation at SK. When the new generation struggles in computer classes, I can support and help them. Finally I would like to say that, I am really grateful to Salariin Kampuchea organization and teachers for giving me this opportunity”.

Another student, Orn told her story:
“My name is Pat Orn. I live in Veal village, Chreav commune, Siem Reap. My parents are farmers. I am a former student at Salariin Kampuchea organization and I attended the Salariin Kampuchea programs since 2008.
I studied English with Salariin Kampuchea since 2008 and graduated from the English program in late 2013.
In 2009 I started attending computer class and I graduated successfully from this course early 2013.
Currently I am working as an English and computer teacher for a small organization called Angkor Orphanage Organization. I am happy and passionate with my job because of I can share my English and computer knowledge and skills to children and young adults in my community.
I teach computer students from 1:00pm-3:00pm and I teach English from 5:00pm-6:00pm. Without Salariin Kampuchea organization I would not have been able to become the teacher. I am very grateful to my teachers and staffs at Salariin Kampuchea for offering me this chance.
In 2011 I also participated in the Life Skill program. The program addresses such things as self-esteem, communication, team work, team building, presentation, basic hygiene, and health, family and domestic violence, bullying and human trafficking.
In addition, it also focuses on career training teaching us about different types of jobs and their requirements, interview guideline, how to write a CV and cover letter, interview role play, and visits to restaurants, hotels, and vocation training centers to see the reality of jobs and how they work.
So finally I would like to say that I am very proud of Salariin Kampuchea for offering such a great chance and opportunity to me and all my school mates”.

Due to changes of our school, we will still conduct Spelling Bee competition for all English students. We will also conduct a computer final exam of MS. Excel to finish their computer course with SK as well as recruit new students for the computer project.

We would like to thank all donors who supported us though GlobalGiving. With the help of our partners at GlobalGiving and you, we hope to keep building on this and moving forward with our non-formal education programme.

Warmest regards, 

The Salariin Kampuchea Team

Successful former student-become computer teacher
Successful former student-become computer teacher


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