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AfricAid is a nonprofit organization that supports girls' education in Africa in order to provide young women with the opportunity to transform their own lives and the futures of their communities.
Jul 17, 2013

How universal is computer access?

These days, we walk into any elementary school or middle school or high school and computers are almost guaranteed to have some presence.  We grow up expecting to know how to operate a computer.  It is no longer a luxury, but almost a necessity.  However, this is not the global picture. 

In Tanzania, computer training / studies are not offered at all schools and often they are optional.  Therefore, it is only a rare few who grow up and learn how to access this digital world.  Computers can be used to expand our horizons and perspective beyond the four walls of the classroom.  They expand the meaning of learning and grant the users a global perspective.  Digital literacy is a crucial skill in the current job market and in order to be a competitive candidate these are necessary skills.  With this perspective, it is vital to be aware that not everyone has such access and availability to computers in this near digital age. 

Children in Tanzania lack many resources, including books and computers, but through this program established by AfricAid computer labs are granting access to this new world to those that are otherwise limited.  The labs we have introduced to Tanzania thsu far have been low-cost, low-energy NComputing Technology and we only hope to provide more!

Jun 10, 2013

Summer Update

Happy summer to all our of supporters!

There is much news about TIA to share. Thanks to a generous grant from the MacArthur Grant, we have been able to expand TIA and this summer there will be two separate TIA workshops taking place from June 23rd to July 5th. These workshops will be integrated with school-based workshops that will start happening right after the seminar. Adding these school-based workshops will centralize our teacher training program and allow the program to have a greater reach: impacting more schools, more teachers and more students. 

The seminar will take place at Mwenge University College of Education in Moshi, Tanzania. Each year, these 100% Tanzanian led training seminars draw secondary-level teachers from across Tanzania who want to improve the quality of instruction in their own classrooms. The teachers work through case studies, which are designed to help them understand how to use active, participatory techniques in their lessons.

The MacArthur foundation selected organizations, like AfricAid, because they were “looking for fresh thinking about providing quality secondary education, so that every child has a chance at living a fulfilled life and contributing to his or her local community and our global society.”

We look forward to sharing with you in our next update, stories from these upcoming and powerful TIA workshops. 

Jun 10, 2013

Summer Update

Teachers are one of the most influential factors in ensuring high-quality education in a school. AfricAid is passionate not just about providing ways for girls to have educational opportunities but for their experience in school to one of high quality. We have a vision of classrooms full of girls learning, growing and reaching their potential. And for this dream to become reality, we need trained and qualified teachers teaching in those classrooms. 

We are so thankful for all of your support and generosity towards this project. Your donations to our Teacher Training Scholarships project are so powerful. Imagine what can happen when highly trained teachers fill the classrooms of Tanzanian, the impact will change the educational landscape of Tanzania. 

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