Surgery for Ruphat and 3 other boys in Cameroon



Meet Ruphat. He has been operated in a non-sterile environment by a local 'doctor'. Now he is unable to urinate without tremendous pain and suffers from fevers due to infections. In Cameroon there are many boys like Ruphat who are being circumcised by non-medical professionals. Circumcision in Cameroon is universally practiced. The pressure to circumcise boys is enormous; to the point that not having any money to go to a hospital for surgery means settling for less, much less.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Ruphat, Cedric, Yannick and Nkolo have similar problems, cannot urinate without experiencing tremendous pain. Because of this they do not urinate more than two times a day. Understandable as this is, it does them no good. They only develop more bladder problems such as incontinence, cysts in the testicles or penis, pulmonary embolism. This can eventually lead these boys being castrated in order to safe their lives.

How will this project solve this problem?

In order to prevent these disastrous issues from worsening, leading to castration, they have to properly operated in Yaounde, Cameroon. They will have to undergo surgery to remove the cyst that two of the boys have developed and to repair the foreskin on all the boys. Medicines must be taken to fight off the various infections the contracted. At this stage the boys have an excellent change to a complete recovery. But we have to operate now!

Potential Long Term Impact

These boys have no live. Because of this problem they find it difficult to play and be carefree. Walking and running are physically painful. But it's also emotionally draining for them; they don't fit in with other youngsters, they view themselves as 'not normal' which makes them very sad. Long term effects will be that their lives are saved but they will also get their childhood back and the joy of living. Which for them is everything.

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Stichting Help Cameroon

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

Project Leader

Alida Roskam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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