Women's Savings & Loan Program in Niger

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This project will create a Savings & Loan program for 60 nomadic women in Niger who mentor at-risk girls to invest in small scale herding, generating income for both their families and the program, to be extended to hundreds of women in the communities of Seiga and Ingui as well as surrounding areas.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

The nomadic communities of Seiga & Ingui in the Tillaberi region of Niger are hard hit by recent droughts and an influx of Mali refugees. Men are often absent searching for work, leaving women to support families without means to generate income and no access to seed funds. Though mentoring programs in both communities have drastically increased girls' enrollment, education is a long term investment that requires sustainable support.

How will this project solve this problem?

A savings and loan program will provide the seed funds needed for women mentors to engaging in small scale herding and salt lick production to generate income. Training will equip mentors to extend the program to women in the the wider communities. 50% of funds generated will support the mentoring program keeping at-risk girls in school and providing sustainability. S&L members learn the value of saving and basic principles of finance as family stability and food security increases.

Potential Long Term Impact

150+ at-risk girls will get help to succeed in school, 30 mentors and their families will be able to retain their current food stocks and herd animals with income to purchase food. Subsistence level herding will grow to become profit generating enterprise along with the knowledge of the value of saving. Women's contributions and decisions will empower them economically & socially as the program is extended to hundreds more women in Seiga and Ingui as well as surrounding areas.

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