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Lynda began her career as a student learning English. She the learned to be a teacher, took a job at the English in Mind Institute (EIM) and is now able to support her family. Lynda also trained trained two more teachers while she was working at EIM, and those two teachers are now in full time employment and building a secure future. With your help, we'll keep the cycle going and train another student like Lynda to be a teacher in 2014.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Jobs in Port au Prince are difficult to come by, yet there is actually a shortage of skilled labour in sections of the city. English is a sought after skill that opens doors to jobs, but most schools which teach English are too expensive for most Haitians. Qualified English English teachers are also in high demand. Our school not only teaches English to more than 150 students, and trains teachers like Lynda. With your help, we'll be able to train more teachers and welcome more students.

How will this project solve this problem?

By providing the funding we need to train students like Lynda to be teachers, we'll be able to not only give them the income they needs to build secure futures, but add classes to our school so that we can help more Haitians gain the skills they need to find work and build a future free of poverty.

Potential Long Term Impact

By training our students to teach, you'll create a spaces for dozens of additional students at the English in Mind Institute. Those students will use their language skills to find work and a road out of poverty. The impact of our training programme will be felt by dozens of families for years to come, and your donation will make those positive changes possible.

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