Train 20 Young Customer Relationship Managers



SAATH has designed Customer Relation & Sales course for 20 youth coming from a challenged economic background. The training will provide knowledge in the Customer Relationship & Sales. In today's market, customers' need is important factor for marketing any product brand. The program will give an opportunity to youth gain knowledge of customer market. Along with this course we will provide knowledge about Basic English, Life Skill and Basic Computers which will enhance their capabilities.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Leaving behind the basic challenges of these youth in the slums, English Speaking, Reading and Writing is so very mandatory to sustain in the volatile job environment. Working closely with the Youth in the slums, SAATH over the years has recognized that these youth are unable to do so. Moreover apart from the same, they do not have an access to some renowned management courses due to the higher fee structures. Lack of exposure also leads to low level of confidence and empowerment.

How will this project solve this problem?

This training will help youth to get the modern day concepts on management. Training is helpful to enable youth to understand, read & write in English. Customer Sales and Retention is a great encumbrance for all major corporations. Knowing modern practices on the customer retention and sales would add on to the bargain for these challenged youth and also help organizations attain a quick & effective customer Service. We will provide a certificate to ensure their validity and standing in industry

Potential Long Term Impact

These Youth participants can become role-models for others in their communities and families and become representatives of the training program. After doing these courses, the participants will get an entry in the formal job market. This will increase their self-respect, quality of life and improvement in their economic conditions

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Keren Nazareth

Ahmedabad, Gujarat India

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