Sonia's Road: From Orphan to Dental Professional



Sonia, who was orphaned as a young child, has overcome her humble beginnings to graduate from Smiles Forever's Bolivian hygienist school. Now with five years experience in a prestigious dental clinic, she has returned to teach at her alma mater. Sonia is saving money to continue her goal to be among the first female Bolivian dentists. Sonia needs a sponsor who will help fund her studies at the Universidad Mayor de San Simon in Cochabama, Bolivia, while she teaches and volunteers.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Sonia will be given a chance to attend the university dental school with the goal of becoming one of Bolivia's first female dentists. Life has been hard for Sonia, for her parents had both died when Sonia was 7. Sonia first lived with her older sister, who tried her best to school Sonia in the evenings and keep the family together. Then for her teen years, Sonia went to a women's shelter, and luckily for her on to being accepted and to excellence at the Bolivian Dental Hygienist school.

How will this project solve this problem?

Sonia desperately needs a sponsor for her continued studies at the university, while she works part time at the dental hygienist school which changed her life. You and your family and friends could be among those who sponsor Sonia's academic life. Sonia is an especially bright woman, with a beautiful bright smile, who could have a very bright future as a dentist. She continues to help those like herself with humble beginnings, including giving dental treatments to 300 school children.

Potential Long Term Impact

These newly trained professionals are role models for other homeless, indigenous women and the community at large. Many of them seek higher education. When the mother is educated, she understands prevention in medical and dental arenas. She values education and makes sure all of her children, including daughters, also receive education. An educated woman is more likely to vote and become a significant voice in her community and government. When women are in government, corruption reduces by 50%.

Funding Information

This project has been retired and is no longer accepting donations.



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