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Adela's Brave Struggle Adela, now 22 years old, had worked as a maid since she was 14. We've never had a young woman so eager to join our dental hygienist training program to help herself and others. Adela heard about our school through a friend of a past graduate. She took our placement tests, but because of her hard life and interrupted schooling, she scored lower than average. Adela's Pleas for Schooling were Heard What we love about Adela is her strong can-do attitude.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Adela's Earnest Pleas to be accepted at Bolivian Hygienist School Adela called and visited daily pleading to be accepted into the program. She won us over! We decided to give Adela a chance and boy are we glad we did! Lectures and clinic were hard, but Adela didn't give up. In fact, Adela made an amazing recovery in the last 6 months. She scored higher than her peers with an 88.25% average. Even with her huge achievement, Adela chose not to interview for outside jobs yet..

How will this project solve this problem?

Adela's Dream Close to Fulfillment Now Adela is pursuing English and computer classes in the morning, while working afternoons at the dental hygienist school. These added skills will make Adela more competitive for the job market. Adela wishes to thank you because her dream is being realized. Adela asked, "Guide me to change my life, so I can have a profession and not continue to be a maid."

Potential Long Term Impact

Adela's schooling will help to not only give her a secure footing for her and her family's future, but she will through her training and outreach clinics actually personally help hundreds during her time as a student. Then she will go on to bring much-needed dental care to the wider indigenous community, and help break the circle of poverty by having a marketable skill. Dental care is so lax in Bolivia that many of the cases seen are truly health emergencies, and much suffering can be averted.

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