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This project will provide 25 girls with a scholarship to attend a local private school. The public education system in the Dominican Republic is failing our youth and many children are reaching the 8th grade without learning to read or having basic math skills. Girls especially are falling through the cracks. We plan to send all of our girls to the best schools to ensure that they will make it to secondary school and become strong, independent and smart women!

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

This project will ensure that 25 girls will have access to quality education, making it more likely that they will not drop out and run the risk of becoming pregnant at a young age. By sending these girls to a local private school with smaller class sizes and more individual attention, their odds of pursuing secondary education will be much greater. The funds raised will provide tuition, uniforms, books, shoes and transportation, placing no burden whatsoever on the families.

How will this project solve this problem?

By sending our girls to a smaller, private institution we can ensure that they are getting a higher quality education. We can more easily monitor their progress and make sure that they are getting the support they need to learn successfully. More individual attention means that they will more likely stay enrolled and families will make it a priority for them to attend regularly.

Potential Long Term Impact

Investing in the education, health and empowerment of a girl today means that she will have the tools to make smart choices that will better the lives of her children in the future. This project will provide access to the best education available for 25 girls living in extreme poverty in the Dominican Republic and ultimately help lift them out of generational poverty.

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This project has been retired and is no longer accepting donations.



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Jessica Lawson

Cabarete, Dominican Republic

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