Provide uniforms for Colombian children at risk

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This project will provide a sense of belonging and a sense of identity to 700 Colombian children that live in underprivileged conditions in San Andres. By giving them a chance to practice sports using a uniform, rather than getting the few clothes they own dirty, they have the opportunity to participate in sports while learning essential values for life in a healthy environment using sports as a tool for development, rather than wondering on the streets being vulnerable to drugs and violence.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

There are 700 children that live in Sound Bay community who live under vulnerable conditions. The lack of opportunities and the high unemployment indices that San Andres faces make illegal drug traffic an attractive option for children to satisfy their needs, leading them to abandon school at an early age and getting involved in drug dealing and delinquency, therefore its essential that the kids receive their PE classes with the appropriate gear in order to prevent school drop out and violence

How will this project solve this problem?

By assuring the children with the appropriate gear for fulfilling an adequate class, we are providing them a chance of a better future through sports. We encourage physical activity, aimed at improving their future health, we provide them with a healthy alternative to spend their free time, we diminish school dropout rates, we improve learning skills, we strengthen psychomotor development, we complement academic education in order to ahiceve an integral formation; benefiting the whole community

Potential Long Term Impact

The children will benefit from this project, allowing them to obtain a promising future; frequent participation in physical activities provide a series of social, physical and mental health benefits to human beings and can also prevent or lessen the effects of many diseases. Sport develops behavior models that increase a complete growth and shape character thus increasing job and life opportunities, thus providing future generations well-being, a healthy lifestyle and a better life.

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This project has been retired and is no longer accepting donations.



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Connie Freydell

Miami, FL United States

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