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Lifeskills for 8 children in South Africa - Pilot



In South Africa poverty, poor education and lack of skills are forcing high levels of unemployment despair and hopelessness. We are wanting to train school leavers or children who cannot access further education in basic building and handyman skills. The level of workmanship in the rural areas is very poor bordering on dangerous. By teaching young people the right way to build we can also assist them with entrepreneurial skills to start their own small business and employ, train and skill others

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Youth unemployment and poverty is very high in our province 39.4%. Artisan skills and workmanship border on dangerous or at least are very poor. By training as a pilot 8 youth to be skilled basic handymen this will not only give them an income but also provide employment as their business's increase. The impact will be experienced by pensioners who are unable to afford local handymen to fix or secure their homes or safety.

How will this project solve this problem?

Students would attend 8-10 sessions, lasting 1 day each. In each session I would train them in the use of a hand tool used in the provision of basic property maintenance and decorating services. At the end of each session each student will be issued with his/her personal 'tool of the day'. Thus all students would, on completion of all of the sessions, personally own one of each tool. In addition they would each be issued with a tool box and padlock in order to secure their items.

Potential Long Term Impact

Currently we work with 2,460 children in 85 Villages, 174 Volunteers, 400 parents and 210 Headmen. For the last 6yrs many of our children go on to tertiary study, breaking the poverty and unemployment cycle. However there is a growing number of Youth who cannot access tertiary studies and so we want to train them in artisan skills to be able to earn a living and contribute to society. Poverty and hopelessness. The potential for micro-entrepreneurs is

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This project has been retired and is no longer accepting donations.

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