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A hungry child walks up to the new salad bar at school and gasps when she sees a bin of ripe cherry tomatoes. She fills her plate with as many tomatoes as it can hold until the lunch lady assures her that the tomatoes will be here tomorrow. And the next day. What are the ingredients for a healthy child? Tomatoes may make the list, but Food Family Farming is thinking bigger. Help us make sure that every school food program in the country has all the ingredients they need for healthy kids.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Each day, over 32 million children eat school lunch and about 10 million eat school breakfast. For some children, the food they receive is fresh and filled with nutrients. Their bodies and minds are nourished and they have the energy they need to succeed in the classroom...and beyond. But for most kids, school food consists of pre-packaged, ready-to-heat products loaded with salt, fat, and sugar. Their bodies and minds - not to mention their future health - become sluggish and malnourished.

How will this project solve this problem?

F3 helps schools gather the ingredients they need for healthy schoolkids. It starts with fresh, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, whole grains loaded with fiber, and lean, healthy proteins for strong muscles. But food is only part of it. The recipe also calls for scratch-cook school kitchens, salad bars in every cafeteria, healthy breakfast for all children, kitchen staff training, and, most importantly, committed supporters of school food changein other words, YOU!

Potential Long Term Impact

Your gift will help make sure schools have everything they need for the "recipe for healthy kids." And healthy kids grow into healthy adults who make informed choices about food. Our ingredients for healthy schoolkids are also critical for the recipe for classroom success. Well-nourished students have more energy, are able to focus for longer periods of time, and are better able to learn than those who are slowed down by grumbling stomachs, empty calories and sugar crashes.

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Nearly one-third of children in the U.S. are obese, and another third are hungry. Children consume half - and often more - of their daily calories while at school. Schools are struggling to transition from highly-processed food products to scratch-cooked meals made from healthy, whole foods. F3 is expanding "The Lunch Box - Healthy Tools for All Schools" to include free, up-to-date resources that nurture children's bodies, minds, and futures. project reportread updates from the field

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Ingredients for Healthy School Kids


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