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The Association of Peasant Producers of Tinjaca, Boyaca (APROCAM) is an organic agriculture project led by twelve families to address food security in their region. The families believe in clean production, use and share native species and are committed to improving organic agricultural. In October of 2013, the Hydrocarbons Nexen Colombia, a subsidiary of Chinese-Canadian NEXEN Ltd. began exploration activities in this village. Peasants fear that this will affect their livelihoods & environment.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

APROCAM families and other families in the region must network and organize to claim their rights. These are low-income families trying to improve their growing techniques and production infrastructure, which is now threatened by oil exploration in their region. To date, they have received little information from local authorities to clarify the status of the oil company and its potential effects on water, land and rural properties.

How will this project solve this problem?

APROCAM has decided to organize politically to raise local awareness and obtain precise and independent information about the impact of oil drilling in their land. They have organized with Colombian grassroots support organization, Jenzera, to continue their agricultural project and advocate for peasant rights in areas where oil companies will be exploring. The project would help network peasant leaders with organizations in Colombia who can provide valuable knowledge and support.

Potential Long Term Impact

The project would help support local civil society organizations. APROCAM could serve as the focal point to organize other peasants in the region as they increasingly face the impact of mining and hydrocarbons drilling. This is important because local authorities are not always on the side of ordinary people and tend to disseminate biased information to legitimize these projects. People need to better understand how these projects impact their livelihoods.

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