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Help Aashi Go Back To School After Escaping Abuse



Girls lives are often disrupted by violence in the home. Aashi's father did not allow her to go to college in India. When Aashi's father told her he was arranging a marriage to a man she had never met, Aashi's mother contacted us. We were able to get Aashi and her mother out of India and back home safe. Aashi wants to take fashion design classes and make what she calls Amer-Indie dresses, embracing both her American and Eastern Indian roots. She also needs funds for a sewing machine and fabric.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Aashi is a talented, artistic young woman who has not had the chance to go to school for what she loves to do: fashion design. Her father abused both her and her mother. She and her mother have spent most of the past year recovering from the abuse and Aashi is ready to follow her dreams and start her own business. She just needs funds for some classes, a sewing machine and some fabric to get her started.

How will this project solve this problem?

Aashi will be able to being her entrepreneurial goal of designing her Amer-Indie line of clothing and being earning an income. Her passion for her art is helping her recover from the abuse she suffered from her father, including sexual abuse, in India.

Potential Long Term Impact

According to RAINN, 208 thousand sexual assaults occur in the USA annually. If we apply the same population proportion to the 65 million Americans that travel overseas every year, there would be 39,000 Americans raped in foreign countries annually. An untold number of young women are sexually assaulted by their fathers. Aashi is ready to put that all behind her and focus on her clothing line. She wants to help other young women in India who have been victims.

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This project has been retired and is no longer accepting donations.



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