Give the Gift of Guinea Fowl to AIDS Orphans!

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Children affected and/or infected by AIDS in Zimbabwe are in a very difficult situation because they lack the funds with which to purchase food, pay rent, purchase clothes, and pay school fees. This project will provide 90 youth with training, 5 guinea fowl and seeds for gardens so they can start their own flocks, providing them with food, training and an income for the future.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

The country of Zimbabwe has been hit hard by bad governance, drought, and failed crops. Now, the World Food Program has announced that they don't have the funding to feed all the hungry people in the country. This will affect millions of people, including orphaned children in our programs. Obviously, they need food to eat so they may continue to live and flourish.

How will this project solve this problem?

We will purchase and deliver four mature laying guinea hens and a mature guinea cock to each of 90 youth along with training on care, husbandry and basic veterinary skills and seeds for a garden. With the proper training and supervision, these families will grow their flocks while benefiting from the eggs they eat and sell. As their flocks grow, they can also sell guinea fowl and eggs, starting businesses. We are moving these orphans out of the poverty cycle!

Potential Long Term Impact

When children are educated, they have an easier time finding jobs as adults and they also have a better sense of worth. We know that the kids in our programs love to go to school because they know it is the only way they'll get out of the cycle of poverty. And, when families do better, whole communities do so, as well. We are excited to see how the kids benefit and how they, bit by bit, change where they live and how they live. By improving the lives of the adolescent guardians, we help many.

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