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Your donation supports 60 girls in South Africa by giving them the opportunity to learn about sexual health. This topic is integral to the development of girls, especially those who grow without access to accurate information. Our workshops are tailored to educate participants about the facts associated with sexual health, STIs and pregnancy, and to empower them to make the healthy decisions for their bodies. By combining sport and health, this workshops focuses on empowerment through education.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

The South African school system provides very limited sexual health information in the curriculum; further, this information is highly biased, inaccurate and sexist. It does not focus on empowering through facts but rather "scaring" through statistics and consequences. This approach has been proven to be ineffective in preventing teen pregnancy or reducing rates of HIV/Aids. Informative, empowering and gender equitable information about sexual health and choices is key to addressing this issue.

How will this project solve this problem?

This workshop combines accurate information and expert facilitation with the easily relatable medium of sport. The girls come together to play a sport they love and receive health information through group sessions. Through education, the culture of sexual education, in addition to community discussion, changes. Young girls are informed about their bodies, and make informed decisions later in life as to their reproductive health, allowing them to stay in school longer and pursue career goals

Potential Long Term Impact

Our workshops target an under-represented demographic in South Africa - adolescent girls. By engaging girls in life-skills based education workshops while encouraging them to play a game of football, we promote a healthy self-esteem, body ownership and safe space to discuss concerns and challenges. By contributing to our workshops, you are able to ensure that more girls in South Africa have access to the accurate information they have a right to.

Funding Information

Total Funding Received to Date: $834

Funding Information

This project is now in implementation and no longer available for funding. Received funds will be used to accomplish concrete objectives as indicated in the project's "Activities" section. Updates will be posted under the "Project Report" tab as they become available.

Donors' contributions and pledges to this project totaled $834 .  The original project funding goal was $600.

Additional Documentation

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