Fund Fabila's Future with Dental Hygienist School



Fabila has a fabulous chance to build toward an independent future by learning to be a dental hygienist. Changing a Life Locked into a Low Self-Image: When we met Fabila, she was burdened with low self esteem because her mother was dead and her father had discarded Fabila and broken family ties. Luckily, Fabila's aunt, a retired nurse, helped bolster Fabilia's confidence and encouraged her to get schooling for a career. Look at Fabila now -- an image of a Capable Person is Emerging!

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Fabila has a narrow window of time to acquire an education which will afford her the chance for an independent future. The aunt who has been helping her is retired, and Fabila could find the tables turning. She would like to be ready to help her aunt and those who have encouraged her. Fabila wants to contribute to her world and not be seen as a burden, or in any way judged unworthy. Fabila can thrive as a dental hygienist, then she could help her sister who is a single mother.

How will this project solve this problem?

Fabila's despair from being locked in a desperate personal situation, can be changed to a story of triumph over adversity. Fabila will be able with an education to write her own story. We at the Smiles Forever school know she'll be choosing to abandon sorrow, and instead find joy and purpose and acceptance in life.

Potential Long Term Impact

These newly trained professionals are role models for other homeless, indigenous women and the community at large. Many of them seek higher education. When the mother is educated, she understands prevention in medical and dental arenas. She values education and makes sure all of her children, including daughters, also receive education. An educated woman is more likely to vote and become a significant voice in her community and government. When women are in government, corruption reduces by 50%.

Funding Information

This project has been retired and is no longer accepting donations.



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