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AIM: Chab Dai aims to bring an end to human trafficking and sexual exploitation through coalition building, community prevention, advocacy and research. Today Chab Dai works out of the U.S., Cambodia, Canada and U.K. MISSION STATEMENT: Christians working together to end sexual abuse and trafficking. (Chab Dai works according to a Christian ethos. However, we work and collaborate with stakeholders and survivors from all faith/religious backgrounds, including non-religious groups). CORE VALUES: - KNOWLEDGE FOR SHARING... We are committed to addressing issues of abuse, exploitation, and trafficking by working together and providing opportunities for learning. - ADVOCACY FOR JUSTICE... We be...
May 15, 2014

Continuing to Equip and Empower

Our Doorsteps team trains local community leaders in Cambodia to be able to protect children against abuse, exploitation and trafficking by providing small improvement grants, collaboration opportunites and capacity-building opportunities to grassroots programs.

We've been busy at work in these efforts this year. Our team recently organized a half-day refresher training course on Financial Accountability and Sustainability, where we also provided five small grants for approved grassroots organizations. Participants who joined in the session expressed their appreciation for the training itself and the networking environment. As a part of the training, participants shared their lessons learned, as well as the challenges they've faced and best practices they've implemented in administering financial matters in their organizations.

We also completed our annual Project Cycle Management Level II training in January. We had 20 participants for this session, the main objective of which was Monitoring and Evaluating the effectiveness of their businesses. After completion of this training, which generally spans several months to a year, participants can apply for the Learning Grants that are available.

Our most recent training event took place on the 6th and 7th of this month. The Doorsteps team conducted the Livelihood Development Training with 11 participants to provide a course on Business Planning, which helps in further building the capacity of their small businesses and grassroots organizations.

Your contribution to this project allows us to continue equipping and empowering these local leaders to care for their communities effectively. The Doorsteps team ensures that grassroots leaders not only have financial resources to implement their programs but, more importantly, have the organizational skills necessary to do the kinds of work they want to do. Capacity-building and mentoring helps leaders identify specific ways their programs can increase their impact in protecting children and subsequently make their application for a small improvement grant. As a result, children benefit from improved programming in the community. All of this only continues with your help, so thank you for your continued support!

May 14, 2014

Steadily growing, growing...

Freedom Collaborative
Freedom Collaborative

Freedom Collaborative is on the rise. We've been live for over five months now, and we're so excited about the strides we're making. The Registry has more than 900 counter-trafficking organizations listed, a new coalitions layer filtering option and an office location layer in the works. The library has more than 900 resources uploaded and has been updated to display more clearly and quickly as you scroll or filter. We also launchednews feature that pulls in all the posts across social media using the hashtag #humantrafficking and displays them in one location. It updates in real time to show what people are talking about in relation to the counter-trafficking movement.

The Registry is also in the process of expanding globally. The United States' Registry is fully functional and public, but we believe that each country should have its own steering committee to help contextualize the platform and determine best practices within that country. Costa Rica, Nepal and the United Kingdom are working on forming steering committees; Canada is beginning the contextualization process and Cambodia is in the building and piloting stage.

Freedom Collaborative is always evolving. It's designed to be a living community of people, organizations, agencies and institutions involved in the anti-human trafficking movement, which means it will continue to grow with use.

Things we're looking forward to:

  • Our first Dialogue officially launches Monday, May 26! We've been working on this feature for awhile and are excited to share it with you. This tool consists of a series of short video discussions, each between two different experts, on a specified human trafficking topic. The video will be uploaded to the platform and users can engage with the featured Specialists and each other through the comments section.
  • The Registry will be gaining an offices layer for organizations to establish profiles for their multiple locations and link them together.
  • The map is going to be updated to become the central hub of the platform, displaying organizations, programs, resources, Specialists, Connectors and other data in specified regions.
  • The Community layer will be launched to allow users to search for Specialists and Connectors by knowledge area, creating greater connectivity within the movement.

We appreciate your dedication to our project and the counter-trafficking community as a whole. We want our work to empower others and streamline actions into more effective results by giving grassroots movements as much influence and contribution opportunities as larger organizations, creating a centralized hub for counter-trafficking efforts and bringing more connectivity into the community.

#HumanTrafficking News Stream
#HumanTrafficking News Stream
Feb 14, 2014

Freedom Collaborative Has Launched

We have spent the last few years designing and building a platform to connect the various stakeholders in the counter-trafficking movement. We started with the firm belief that justice ought to be a democratic endeavor, and that no single organization is able to address the complexity of trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor on their own. It requires a collaborative, cross-disciplinary approach.

In 2012 we released the Freedom Registry—a dynamic directory of registered organizations, agencies and institutions who update and manage their own profiles themselves.

Now, in 2014, we've just released a powerful new system called Freedom Collaborative. It encompasses the Registry and adds a few more tools to the picture.

A Social Resource Library

Building on the most innovative social technologies, we’ve crafted a beautiful, merit-based resource center to help power collaborative problem solving.

By simply logging in with a Facebook or Twitter account, all users are able to add their favorite counter-trafficking resources to the Library. Resource types include the latest research reports, local laws, scholarly journals, documentaries, multi-file toolkits, books, smart phone applications, etc. The open-access system is an ever-growing body of knowledge and is searchable by type, subject and location. Results show up in the order the community has rated them. For example: a search of “victim rehabilitation” displays all of the resources listed under that tag in the order of quality dictated by the community-at-large.

Individual Profiles & Tools

Advocates and experts in fighting human trafficking are able to create profiles, interact with the organizations and utilize the other tools.

We’ve built in the capacity for individuals to show which organization they work for (if they do). Organizations must confirm these indicated affiliations before they show up on an individual’s profile.

All users are able to create a general Advocate account type. Advocate accounts have full access to all of the tools and are able to register organizations and post resources to the Library. Potential volunteers can use Advocate accounts to find organizations in need of their services.

We've also created a Connectors account type for individuals interested in becoming listed points-of-connection for the movement. These are persons willing to meet and educate newcomers on human trafficking, and also help newcomers get plugged in to local volunteering positions.

Last but not least we've created a Specialists account type. Much of this issue’s essential know-how exists only in the heads of leading, on-the-ground, human trafficking experts. We’ve designed our system to give this ‘Specialist’ tier—be them practitioners, academics, policymakers, law enforcement, etc—a bit more weight in the user-voting of materials.

We'd love for you to head on over to the brand new platform to learn more and create an account!

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