Tumaini Miles of Smiles Centre

Our mission is to advocate for the underprivileged children and women, release them from their economic, social and physical poverty and enable them to become responsible and fulfilled people in the society. Tumaini Miles of Smiles Centre was founded in 2004 after seeing the need in the rural areas especially in the lives of the orphans, vulnerable children and poor families. Rural areas are areas that rarely benefit from large international organisation as they are not easily accessed and this has left many children and women to suffer with no hope. It is in this regard that Tumaini was founded to be a light in the lives of the needy in rural areas.
May 19, 2014

Provision of good environment

Last month during school holidays we had a wonderful time with our high school students. It was nice to see our previous primary pupils advising the current primary pupils on how important education is and life in high school. They enocuraged them to work hard to be able to join good high schools.

Our high school students are in boarding school and they only come back over school holidays. They are all impressed with the environment at the home, the care and encouragement. It was very different from the environment at high school and they said they love their home. Our time together with all the children both high school and primary was wonderful.

The happiness these children have at their home and even the school at Tumaini could not have been the way it is without our dear donors and friends who have always sacrificed to give and make this happen. All we have from the beddings, beds, utensils, clothing, furnitures have made a difference in the lives of our children. This has made them feel they at home and like other children.

Without the good environment children can't do well in school and this affects  their performance. They feel isolated and they can't concentrate well. This has not happened to our children as they feel at home and just like other children. Your support has brought smiles to many faces and the achievements are great.

It is our prayer and hope that we will keep on sharing about this cause to enable us do better. The need is high and when we expand our donor family we know we will continue to do what we can for better achievements. Our children need more beddings, beds, utensils and furnitures. The only way we can improve is to spread the word about TMSC and through friends, clubs and social sites. We are grateful for your sacrifice and commitment towards the lives of our children and Tumaini.

May 14, 2014

back to school, second semester!

It has been four weeks since we closed school for holidays. We had our end term exams and our candidates did very well. We had two inter schools examinations and we were position 4 out of 124 schools. Currently we have 24 candidates and we are expecting great results after their final exams in November. They are already doing great in their interschool examinations. They are back to school with a focus to study and do better during this term.

Last term we had football, volleyball and netball competitions and some of our children were selected to proceed to the subcounty level. We hav the best girl goal keeper and she is now the overall goal keeper for the school in our sub county. This term we are having athletics and we are starting in the month of June. Our children have started practicing and we hope they will be the best during the competitions.

We are grateful for all the opportunities our children are geting both academically and in extra curriculum activities. The chance to stay in school, learn and participate in several activities has been achieved only becasue of your recurring donations towards their education.

Apr 10, 2014

Featuring Mat in high school - second year

Mat's sixth month in the home

Mat (not her her real name) joined Tumaini School in the year 2006 and later on she was admitted in the children's home. She was the first child to be rescued and admitted to the Tumaini Miles of Smiles Children's home.

One day Mat happened to be is school and she never used to sleep at home. She would come to school with dirty clothes and hungry. It was realised that our girl was actually spending her nights in the sugar cane plantation in fear of going home to be beaten by her step mother. She had bruises all over her body  which we didnt know and it was sad to see and imagine what was happening in her life.

Mat became happy when she came to our home and she worked hard in her primary education. She is now in her second year of high school and working hard.  Your donation to this program have enabled Matrober to remain in school until the time they close for holidays. Unlike many children who have been sent home because of school fees and have not even done their end term exams.

This is not because of Tumaini, we only saw the problem and you have done what it takes to ensure that Mat is continuing with her education. Currently we have 35 children who are in high school, 17 are in their second year and 18 joined this year, we are proud of you for enabling us continue to pay the high school fees through your donations. Joining high school especially for the needy children is not easy and it is the only opportunity that can change their lives for ever. Thank you for so much for making it happen.

We managed to pay the fees for the last semester which is ending on the 10th April and we will be opening the schools on the 5th May for the second semester. We still have to pay the fees for this semester and it is in this regard that we are requesting you to continue sharing the word so that we can be able to continue paying the fees for these precious children. Sharing the word and expanding our donor family will enable us continue to support these children remain school.

Keeping our page active and getting involved in Global giving offers will help us very much and the high school fund will keep growing. This is an ongoing program as every year we have children who graduate from primary school and when we put together the donations we are able to pay for all the children, the ongoing and the one joining.

Thank you very much and we know as we continue to work together, we are changing the lives and world for better!

Mat in the new home, 8th month
Mat in the new home, 8th month
Mat now in high school
Mat now in high school
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