Tumaini Miles of Smiles Centre

Our mission is to advocate for the underprivileged children and women, release them from their economic, social and physical poverty and enable them to become responsible and fulfilled people in the society. Tumaini Miles of Smiles Centre was founded in 2004 after seeing the need in the rural areas especially in the lives of the orphans, vulnerable children and poor families. Rural areas are areas that rarely benefit from large international organisation as they are not easily accessed and this has left many children and women to suffer with no hope. It is in this regard that Tumaini was founded to be a light in the lives of the needy in rural areas.
Jun 30, 2014

Good progress for our high school students

What a blessing to have our high school students with us! We had a wonderful time having our girls and boys together and have them share their new experiences in high school. All are in boarding schools and it is just amazing to see how much they have grown and the difference in their faces. They didn’t only share their experiences with us and our children in primary school but they helped us with chores like planting of flowers, trees and maize in our small garden. They helped with the young ones in the home which made a big difference.

Their reports are encouraging as all have performed well in their exams. Their behavior has been recommended well and we are proud of them. May you allow me to say that, this is not happening because we are able but it is happening because of you. Your commitment, sacrifice has brought these children this far. When others are sent home due to school fees debts, our children remain in school and this has made them comfortable and has motivated them so much in their studies.

It is now two years since our children started joining high school and it is ongoing as every end of year we have new primary graduates joining high school. This is really keeping us on toes as fee for all these children has to be met. It becomes difficult when we have new students joining as their fees is higher as it includes other things. We all know that this can be worked out once our high school fees fund is stable. Through sharing with friends, family, clubs and our social pages, we can be able to expand our donor family which will enable us keep our children in school.

Thank you so much for your commitment and sacrifice and let us continue with this wonderful unity for the betterment of our world.


Note: Sorry attaching pictures has been a problem and I will do that in the next report.

Jun 30, 2014

Great results

The trophies won after  our inter school exams
The trophies won after our inter school exams

As we approach to the end of our second semester we are happy to report that we have experienced a big difference in the academic performance. We had our interschool exams last month and Tumaini School was in the first position out of 124 schools. The champion teacher also was from Tumaini School and this was a great achievement. Your donations not only cater for education but takes care of other young children who are coming up. This allows them to have good environment and nutrition as they grow.

As we are preparing our new candidates who will be sitting for their national exams in November, we are anticipating another great achievement as our children are doing very well. The competition between them is very healthy and this is giving them an  opportunity to compete other pupils in other schools.

The children participated in music festivals for this year and were able to go up to the district level. This motivates them so much as they get to meet other children from different schools. All these has been achieved at Tumaini not because we can make it but because of all our donors. Without you our children would not have gone this far due to many obstacles as education is concerned. You have brought happiness in the lives of these children and light in the entire community.

Our children feel blessed to have you in their lives, their lives have become just like other children’s lives and even better. You have enabled us to keep our teachers and they are motivated to work hard. They are committed and are working hard towards good performance for the children and the school.

It is now two years since Tumaini School became a centre for the national exams and every year we have candidates graduating and joining high school. It is in this regard that I am requesting you to continue sharing about Tumaini with friends, families, clubs and others. This will enable us to expand our donor family our children will be able to join high school as there will be school fees.

We love you and thank you for working alongside Tumaini family.

Our children celebrating new great results
Our children celebrating new great results
Jun 30, 2014

Empowering youth with skills and change their lives

Front view of the polytechnic classrooms
Front view of the polytechnic classrooms

First and foremost I take this opportunity to thank all who have enabled us to purchase land and build the two classrooms and the two workshops.  These classrooms and workshops will serve dressmaking and tailoring, carpentry, computer and hairdressing students. These are the four training skills we will be starting with. The students are from the community and others will be from the children home.

In our communities most rarely join high school and its not because they dont want but they cant afford to pay school fees. This has seen many of them wasted and end up involving themselves in bad habbits that affect the whole community. We have several cases of early pregnancies in girls and this has also seen most of their lives wasted and are not unable to even take care of their children. We believe that if we can offer the skills to all these vulnerable youth, their lives will change for better. They will be able to start their own small businesses and even get employed. As Tumaini polytechnic is growing we will also have job opportunities for them will make a huge difference in their lives.

We could not have achieved this facility without our donors, they have shown their commitment and and sacrifice which we highly appreciate. Tumaini family is expanding and many lives are changing for better. We believe we have all united to change the world for better and thank you so much for being part of this wonderful family.

We still have a lot to do on the land, building more classrooms and workshops, boarding facilities, staff houses and library. It is in this regard that I would like to encourage you to continue sharing with others about Tumaini. Through this our network will grow and this will be achieved. Please take your time to share About Tumaini on your social pages, churches and clubs to expand our donor family.

Feel free to communicate back, comment and ask any questions. Thank you

The back view of the classrooms and workshops
The back view of the classrooms and workshops
More land for polytechnic
More land for polytechnic
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