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Sisterhood Agenda is an award-winning nonprofit organization that creates and implements activities for women and girls with special emphasis on females of African descent who are historically at-risk and traditionally underserved. The organization promotes empowerment through: sisterhood, self-development, self-knowledge and self-esteem. Sisterhood Agenda serves over 5 million constituents each year and has over 3,000 Global Partners in 32 countries. Global Partners create an extensive sisterhood network to increase local organization capacity and empower women and girls. Sisterhood Agenda's Global Training Academy, based in the U.S. Virgin Islands, attracts international participan...
Nov 14, 2013

Resources for Health

Hike in VI National Park
Hike in VI National Park

It is no secret that Black females are disproportionately represented among those who are affected by obesity/overweight.  SHE: Sisters Healthy & Empowered now has a new resource with the publication of the new book, Black Girls Guide:  How to Lose Weight Fast & Forever, published this month.

Annually, Sisterhood Agenda celebrates National Women’s Health Week in Cruz Bay, St. John.  However, this year, the Office on Women’s Health is no longer funding these activities.  Since Sisterhood Agenda has implemented SHE for the past three years, we plan to continue with private funding, even if we have to scale down our activities.

One of our local activities in St. John is hiking, which takes advantage of over 40 beautiful hiking trails maintained by the Virgin Islands National Park.  With SHE:  Sisters Healthy & Empowered and its holistic approach to well-being, we continue to provide resources and valuable services to prevent negative health outcomes that plague too many women and girls.

NEW BOOK:  How to Lose Weight Fast & Forever
NEW BOOK: How to Lose Weight Fast & Forever
Nov 13, 2013

Finding a Space of Our Own

The Sisterhood Mentoring Program in St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands has moved from place-to-place after its location at the Youth Center public facility has been closed due to painting and other work within the center.   We had meetings outside in the park, at the church, and at a local deli.  Because the completion date of the renovations is unknown and was anticipated to be sooner, we are searching for a new program home. 

Of course, Sisterhood Agenda plans to build its Global Empowerment Academy space—the girls are excited and can’t wait for this vision to become a reality!  This Sisterhood Mentoring Program is just one group included in Sisterhood Agenda’s Global Educational Empowerment Project.  Other global girls are being served locally through Sisterhood Agenda Global Partners.  The Global Empowerment Academy will ultimately connect global girls through resource-sharing, action, and technology.

In the meantime, the group had three meetings and a pizza party in Cruz Bay.  We plan to add more girls to the program in the new year with a fresh start.  We also hope that this fresh start includes a new space and funding for field trips.  The girls in the program are understandably anxious to do more trips that remove them from the small island of St. John.  Even going to the island of St. Thomas nearby via a 20-minute ferry or barge ride will give them opportunities to engage in more structured recreation and self-development activities for youth. 

Sisterhood Agenda is starting its important work with all youth-serving agencies in St. John by leading development and program coordination with the St. John Youth Coalition.  Sisterhood Agenda’s annual Sisterhood/Brotherhood New Year’s Eve Youth Extravaganza is also scheduled for December 31, 2013 in Franklin Powell Park.  Some of the girls in the program will be traveling off-island at this time, but we have a nice group of volunteers. We also have local residents in St. John interested in supporting Sisterhood Agenda in new pregnancy prevention efforts.  The future is great and we are blessed!

Oct 2, 2013

New Sisterhood Global Empowerment Eco-Building

Sisterhood Global Empowerment Building:  Design
Sisterhood Global Empowerment Building: Design

In St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands, there are no: Girls Scouts, YWCA/YMCA’s, domestic violence shelters, women centers, or female-centered facilities.  As a groundbreaking first, Sisterhood Agenda will create an eco-friendly, geographically and technologically centralized female empowerment academy (green building) to uplift and aid in the self-development of women and girls through its unique local and global resource-sharing initiatives.

The Sisterhood Global Empowerment Academy utilizes a multi-media technology center, connecting girls from around the globe with each other.  Local Sisterhood Agenda partners (over 40) and global Sisterhood Agenda partners (over 3,500 in 34 countries) can access free and low-cost online technology using mobile phones, computers, websites, videos, video conferencing, social media, webinars, meetings, Empowerment sessions, and conferences.  The space is also available for community meetings.

Sisterhood Agenda’s Global Empowerment Academy includes: a media center, lounge area, kitchen area, built-in seating, two full bathrooms, and an outdoor seating/entertainment area. The Sisterhood Agenda Global Empowerment Academy will be a holistic hub from which both locally-based and global projects will be administered. 

With this space, Sisterhood Agenda wants to encourage community gardening, fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, and particular animals while discouraging energy drain, waste, and certain types of wildlife Sisterhood Agenda recycles free or inexpensive materials that others typically discard such as shipping containers to create the building and furniture donations, resulting in a uniquely attractive and uplifting space. Sisterhood Agenda’s system takes advantage of the seasonal changes in the VI, particularly pertaining to rainfall and hurricanes. The structure keeps the interior cool in terms of temperature, is fire-resistant, hurricane- proof, and offers protection against the elements. The inside and outside includes liberal use of natural mosquito-repellent materials and the water treatment system should create drinkable water from the kitchen faucet.

St. John regularly receives sand dust from the Sahara Desert and this fact is taken into account with design. With its small footprint, the building is not obviously seen from the street and blends well into its surroundings while still being secure.  Local, natural elements and building materials are used. The movement of the ocean is taken into account with design and maintenance issues being in a tropical environment (insects, salt water, air).  Sisterhood Agenda will take advantage of ocean-view vistas and trade winds to retain an open feeling inside.  

Natural and/or inexpensive materials will be used for the building such as: local mahogany, bamboo, marble, native stone materials and design. The design is clean and streamlined, but vibrant with the infusion of colorful, cultural patterns and textures, inspired by African and Indian textiles.  A pitched roof creates a high, vaulted interior ceiling with beams and directs water to its conservation containers.  Large windows with hurricane-proof shutters let in lots of natural light while showcasing the ocean and town views.

The community garden is an organic, low-maintenance open space incorporated in the building with a curved design. A natural irrigation system capturing, storing, and utilizing rainfall is designed for the building and the gardens.

The interior furnishings also reflect the environment; they are scaled to fit the smaller dimensions of the interior, multi-functional, and are comprised of salvaged and reclaimed items and natural materials, whenever possible.  Interior built-in bookshelves, along with regular seating, built-in seating, and poufs provide library seating areas to read Sisterhood Agenda’s extensive resource materials throughout the academy space. 

Herb & Vegetable Garden
Herb & Vegetable Garden

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