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HavServe's Mission is to utilize volunteers to strive to meet the Millennium Development Goals in small towns and villages through community-led development and by empowering villagers with the education, training, and basic services necessary for them to play an ever-increasing role in determining their own futures.
Jul 7, 2011

Soccer Program for 250 Youths in Haiti (HS4D)

Gear distribution
Gear distribution

Haiti Soccer for Development (HS4D)™: HavServe's Youth Soccer Program (HYSP)

HavServe soccer volunteers are actively working to provide the children in Haiti the support needed to continue playing soccer. The devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010 provides a unique opportunity to keep the world’s attention on ending Haiti’s extreme poverty with projects and programs that benefit all Haitians. The importance of soccer in the Haitian society and the game's status as the country's "favorite national pastime" make soccer and physical education programs effective tools for combating Haiti’s development challenges such as extreme poverty, conflict, HIV/AIDS, and for helping achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

The Program Director, Manoel Da Silva and Coach Gustavo Alencar from "Joga Bonito Brazilian Soccer Academy" traveled to Haiti in May 2011 to provide ongoing training and distribute equipment and gear to the Haitian soccer coaches as well as providing advanced training to the children. For more information, please visit the amazing photos taken by Gua Alencar, Gustavo's Alencar wife during their volunteer trip to Haiti.




HavServe Volunteer Service Network is actively seeking funding to build a safe soccer field for the children in the village of Lebrun, Haiti. Our deepest thanks for the support provided during the April challenge! We will reenter the  Global Giving challenge in August in the hope that we will successful raise the necessary funds to build the soccer field in Haiti.
Thank you for your continued support!
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