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People First aims to work closely with oppressed and disadvantaged communities and vulnerable individuals in breaking the centuries - old cycle of ignorance and oppression by providing opportunities for education. The trust believes the best way to achieve long - term positive social change is through education and we work in the areas of greatest need where no other education is available to the poor and oppressed. Our mission is the bringing of educational opportunity and to promote health and social rights to those to whom such opportunities have previously been denied due to poverty family circumstances or oppression. The Trust aims to work with the most marginalized me...
Sep 23, 2010


Clean Water at our Kindergarten
Clean Water at our Kindergarten

Officials say paddy transplantation is badly hit in the districts of Gaya, Aurangabad, Jehanabad, Arwal and Nawada, which had been declared drought hit last year following a rainfall deficit of 29 percent. Farmers are also complaining that there is no water in the canals for irrigation. A large part of central Bihar is irrigated by water from the Sone river and regulated through canals. Last year, the government declared 26 of 37 districts drought-hit following poor rains. So far paddy transplantation has been completed in 11 lakh hectares against a targeted 35 lakh hectares, officials say. 'By the end of July, paddy transplantation would have been completed, but scanty rains have forced farmers to stay away from the field,' an official said. 'Poor rains coupled with non-availability of groundwater have already delayed paddy transplantation in large parts of the state and in some districts paddy sowing has been badly hit,' an agriculture department official said.

You will have seen similar reports in previous newsletters. Whilst floods displace thousands in the North, here in the South a severe drought continues.

A deep water pump can change the lives of a whole village. Here's what one women had to say " now we have clean water, I do not have to worry about my children's health any more", My daughters and I no longer face the long daily walk and the burden of fetching dirty water from faraway. We thank People First and the kindness of others every single day for this gift of water".

Please get together with your friends and raise money to help a whole village access clean water. If you raise enough and if you would like to name the pump we would be happy to provide a small plaque and send you a photo. Contact us at

And now is a good time to donate.

In order to make your valuable donation go further Starting on October 12, is matching at all donations at 30%, 40%, or 50%. The match percentage is based on the size of the donation.

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We understand this applies to the USA Global Giving site only. There is $100,000 available in matching funds. The campaign will run until Oct 21 or until matching funds run out.

We would like to thank you all for your support and donations, any amount is helpful.

With Best Wishes to you All

Sep 21, 2010


The girls at Rescue Junction
The girls at Rescue Junction

The Gaya Rescue Project continues to offer shelter care and a safe environment for children who simply do not have any other place to go. This update contains just two stories of some of the children who have come through the centre recently. With your help we can its doors open.

This is the sad story of Pramilla, Sheethal and little Sonu

Life in Village Bihar can be very hard. According to the Department for International Development in the UK if the State Bihar was a country it would be the sixth poorest in the world.

In early September the centre was contacted by the District Magistrate concerning the distressing case of 3 small girls from an remote village in the area who had no one to care for them.

Their mother died following illness two years ago. And just this month their father died too. It was suggested by some in the village the family were so poor the father had died of starvation, giving what little food he had to his daughters. The government maintained he died of TB. However the last thing he told his eldest daughter, Pramilla before he passed away, was "love and take care of your sisters" , "you are in charge of them now"

Pramilla had no money for a cremation, and with the help of some villagers buried her father outside the village. As a landless family she had no source of food, but a rice dealer sometimes gave them rice. The villages felt they were going to die from hunger, and without relatives to care for them they took the children to the local block office and demanded that the government help. But as you know the government has no home or facilities for such children, and therefore the authorities formally requested admission to Rescue Junction pending referral to the Child Welfare Committee.

Our staff report that the children arrived thin and traumatized but are settling in well with support and care.

The Trust is making a special appeal for sponsorship for these three girls so that we can provide a full time education and care for them in the long term. Contact us at if you think you can help.

And then there is the story of Pradeep. He was traveling with his father from Panipat, which is near Delhi. His father got off the train to fetch some drinking water and never returned. Sonu who is about 10 years old, stayed on the train alone until it reached its destination at Gaya, where the police brought him to Rescue Junction. in these cases it is puzzling to us why his father did not register a case of a missing child, but Sonu tells us he knows where his house is in Panipat so we are arranging for him to travel with a member of staff over a thousand miles to find his house, and through the local police, get him back home.

You can see pictures of the girls and Sonu, they have given their consent, but we have changed their names for child protection reasons.

We really do need your help to keep the centre open, its future is by no means assured, every dollar or pound or euro is very important and every penny received by us from the Global Giving page will go towards the Rescue Project. This is our promise to you. As a recent participant of our annual village experience programme, "Rescue Junction is an oasis of love and care".

In order to make your valuable donation go further Starting on October 12, is matching at all donations at 30%, 40%, or 50%. The match percentage is based on the size of the donation.

Up to $500 will result in a matching amount of 30%, Up to $1000, 40% and between $1000 and $2,500 50%.

We understand this applies to the USA Global Giving site only. There is $100,000 available in matching funds. The campaign will run until Oct 21 or until matching funds run out.

Thank you all for your generous and most important support, it is helping us reach out and help so many children in need.

Pradeep with Sunita
Pradeep with Sunita
Pramilla and Sonu
Pramilla and Sonu
Sep 2, 2010

Educating Girls in Bihar

This Scholarship scheme is particularly targeted at girls and young women who need financial and other support to complete their education to a far higher level than would otherwise we possible. It’s the old adage, “educate a girl and you educate a whole family” Add to that the low status of women in the villages and lack of any opportunity to study and you have as recipe for ignorance. Help us break through that ignorance by helping us educate a girl child. It gives then options and a status they could otherwise only have dreamed of, a self respect and a new awareness, and brighter future.

The following is written by Pramilla Kumari, a girl aged 18 now and studying computer sciences at a local college. My name is Pramilla. I come from a large family of 12 children. My father is as farmer but we have very little land. Our House is made of Mud with a straw roof. My family did not want me to be educated, in fact at first they did not like me going to the local village school run by People First but I was determined. Both my parents cannot read and write. I persevered. A lady teacher came from the People First office and said my teachers had recommended me for a scholarship to study in further education. I have always loved computers. First my family disagreed but People First bought my family a male and female goat and in return they signed an agreement not to disturb my education. I have already passed my interim examinations. I am determined all my children will be educated; my skills will help me support them after my marriage. My education means everything to me.

Thank you for your support.

Please visit our website for news of our work,

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