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Mar 16, 2011

The Spectre of Famine Looms

Not Enough Water This was taken at the Monsoon
Not Enough Water This was taken at the Monsoon

I have the good fortune to live near a river.

Last year for the first time in living memory last year it was a dry sandy bed during the rainy season. This followed on from a poor monsoon the previous year.

Working with our Health Team and in tandem with the appeal on Global Giving for a healthy meal programme for children we are doing our best to alleviate the effect of the drought.

We have for example provided with your help provided water pumps at two village schools, but our concern is great as the blistering hot summer days are almost upon us .We had previously provided new 5 deep water pumps which are saving lives due to your assistance. You are helping to transform and save lives.

This from news sources,it is not new but from last year, we are including it in this report because very little was  done at grass roots level to alleviate the situation and NGO's have a vital role to play, working as they do directly with local people.

In Bihar, 28 districts have been declared as famine-hit.

After the meeting, Kumar told reporters that the Prime Minister gave him assurance of a visit by the central team to assess the situation.

"Bihar is facing severe drought-like situation and because of scanty rainfall we had to declare 28 out of 38 districts as drought-affected. Remaining 10 districts have also been kept under surveillance. If there is no rain in August we will have to declare these district also as drought affected," Kumar said.

The Bihar chief minister said that immediate financial assistance from the Centre is required to meet the situation in his state as "we have negative balance in state calamity relief fund".

The state government will need more funds to tackle the situation but that will be discussed with the Centre in second stage after provision is done for the initial assistance, he said.

"Right from 2007, we have been suffering from natural calamities. In 2007, 22 districts were badly hit by floods that affected 25 million people. In 2008, we had to face Kosi tragedy. Thereafter in 2009, 26 out of 38 districts were affected by drought. This year, intensity (of drought) is much more than the last year," he said.

Your assistance is so much appreciated.

It will be used directly and quickly at the point of need.

Please look out for further reports.

Washing Pots in Bihar
Washing Pots in Bihar
Mar 16, 2011

In my own words

But there is still great poverty in our village
But there is still great poverty in our village

I am a villager living near the banks of the Kosi River.

My Name is Updendra Kumar and I have a family of six children

We lost everything in the floods, our house and animals, but so many others died.

The waters still come every year but we can hope and pray things are getting better.

After and during the floods so many came to help us, but they did not stay.

Things have improved though, with the help of people who have committed themselves to support us and help us rebuild our lives. We have received animals to replenish our stock to help feed our children; we took a very small loan already repaid to enable my wife to start a small shop. Our children are back at school.

We have been able to strengthen our house, to make it safer for my family. I personally know so many others who have also received help.

In my experience it is the people from the small NGO’s that really care about us, but we have seen at last the government doing something to strengthen the barriers and help prevent this annual misery.

We are so grateful; all we want is our destiny in our own hands, with the help we have received we are on the way to a new and better life.

I have heard on the radio about the situation in Japan, my heart goes out to them as we know what it is like to lose everything.

Translated from Hindi, but is unedited

Mar 11, 2011

Need your Fridge Servicing?

Devnandan at Work
Devnandan at Work

Greetings to you all!

I want to tell you the story of a boy called Devnandan. Devnandan has lived on the station for as long as he can remember, physically challenged with the loss of an arm in childhood in a freak accident with a thresher mill, he sweeped trains and begged to survive from day to day with little future ahead of him.

He began to attend Rescue Junction, took a keen interest in the educational classes and began to gain self respect.

An opportunity came to him some months ago to study air conditioner and fridge repairing as a vocational training course ,and despite his lack of formal education he successfully passed the course and took a loan from the Trust under our LIFE (Lindum Individual Fund for Enterprise) programme to start his own business. " Himalaya Service Centre".

He has now come from a beggar to businessman, a whole new life in front of him.

As Devnandan himself comments, " I never though that I would have a chance like this"

As ever thanks for all your support, and may with your help turnaround more young lives like Devnandan.

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