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People First aims to work closely with oppressed and disadvantaged communities and vulnerable individuals in breaking the centuries - old cycle of ignorance and oppression by providing opportunities for education. The trust believes the best way to achieve long - term positive social change is through education and we work in the areas of greatest need where no other education is available to the poor and oppressed. Our mission is the bringing of educational opportunity and to promote health and social rights to those to whom such opportunities have previously been denied due to poverty family circumstances or oppression. The Trust aims to work with the most marginalized me...
Aug 22, 2011

My name is Pinto. Thank you all so much

Pinto a proud CAPS student
Pinto a proud CAPS student

Dear Friends,

I am very happy to help write this update for Global Giving with the help of Mr Naresh Kumar the education director of People First.

I come from a small village where  there is no electricity school or doctor, but in the next village People First ran a school and when I had finished my chores in the morning I went there to learn.

The school taught the children a song which had the words," I will help with the animals and in the field every day but please let me go to school to learn"  I used to sing it to my family.

At night I would do extra studies  by the light of a wick lantern.

Soon I was passing my exams in the first position and was recommended by my principal to try for a place on the People First Childrens Academic Personal Scholarship (CAPS) scheme.

My family is very poor we cannot even afford a tile roof so the straw gets damp in the rains, so the chance to go to a private school for a full time residential education was beyond the wildest dreams and hopes for my family.

I was lucky and I got selected, after quite a long process, and two years ago I chose to go to a private school in Bodhgaya, where I study in Class Seven

I want to help my family, I want then to try and use my education to help others. I have the good fortune to be the first in my family to be able to say " I am educated and ready for a whole new future"


This update was based on a series of Interviews with Pinto and some written material translated from Hindi.

Your support really does change lives tremendously,

And Pintos story is quite typical of the CAPS students

Thanks for all your help,

Naresh SIr


Aug 22, 2011

Welcome to the Volunteers

Painting at Rescue Junction
Painting at Rescue Junction

Hi Everyone,

This is Sunita with another update for our kind hearted and generous supporters on Global Giving.

It was our pleasure to welcome volunteers from the Trusts Village Experience Programme to Rescue Junction Recently

You can see some " dance therapy" in action with the volunteers at the centre by clicking on the facebook link below

Meanwhile a sad case, two young children abandoned by their mother we think, two girls aged about five and a baby only four months old on a local train, came to Rescue Junction some days ago. We also have admitted two missing boys both found by another NGO over 1,000 Miles away but who had come from somewhere in this area.

Our counselors are skilled in gently supporting and finding out these and other children's stories and then we can decide what is best for them.

Your support is vital in helping us to maintain our services as we rely entirely on donations.

We have managed to redecorate the centre and the volunteers helped paint some pictures and murals so the wall so the place is looking bright and colorful!

Once again thank you all for your help,



Aug 22, 2011

Rivers Reaching Danger Levels

Hundreds of villages in Bhagalpur, Munger, Gopalganj, Muzaffarpur, Saharsa, Madhepura and Bagaha districts face threats due to the increased water levels.

"Water has already entered dozens of villages. Rising water level in Kosi river is giving sleepless nights to people," an official of the water resources department told IANS.

He said the water levels of rivers have been rising to dangerous levels at several places. "It is a dangerous sign." Reports suggests that hundreds of people have been asked to shift to safer areas by the authorities.

The state government has asked engineers and district officials to keep a 24-hour vigil.

According to the Central Water Commission, the water level in Ganges crossed the red mark at several places in Bhagalpur, Patna, Begusarai and Farakka. Similarly, the Kosi was flowing above the danger mark at Bausa, Baltara and Kursela, and Mahananda at Dhengraghat and Jhada.

We are in the process of preparing more relief materials to rush to the affected areas and the supplies will go with a four wheel SUV to reach as far into the flooded villages as we can. Transport of this kind, plus boats of course are very much needed to reach people in need and we are doing all we can.

Thanks to your support we can get emergency supplies including life saving clean drinking water and purifying tablets, high energy biscuits , cattle feed and medical help to villagers who are once again in danger of losing their homes.

Deepak Kumar

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