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Feb 20, 2013

What a Cold WInter that was!!

The Joy of a Good Meal
The Joy of a Good Meal

Greetings Everybody!

Our winter season here lasts from mid December to mid February and my goodness me what a cold winter it was with temperatures close to freezing, record lows in fact.

We were able due to provide emergency blankets and clothes and even wood for a communal bonfire to help keep the villagers warm.  And because of your generosity we supplemented the meal programme with hot drinks and added extra breakfast meals of steaming hot porridge.

If you were to visit the village here in Bihar you would see quite lush fields of crops although water is in short supply which is why the deep water pump provided by another fully funded Global Giving appeal is so important but you may wonder why can’t they grow their own food. They can to a certain extent, but the problem is they do not own the land they farm, in fact the landlord is often far away. It gets worse , often in return for loans taken from the landlord for sickness or a marriage the interest rates are so high they can never pay it back and become “bonded labour” . It’s a form of slavery and it’s not legal. These problems are not going to be solved overnight and in some cases the government have granted land to landless families.

Cases are in the courts but they can drag on for years and in the meantime children go hungry. But not in this village, thanks to you.

On behalf of all of villagers, our heartfelt appreciation goes out to you.


Food Glorious Food
Food Glorious Food


Feb 19, 2013

These are the faces of child trafficking

Faces of Child Trafficking in Bihar in 2013
Faces of Child Trafficking in Bihar in 2013

Hi Everyone,

I hope this report finds you all well!

One of the problems here in India especially here in Bihar is child trafficking.

I will let one of the boys pictured above speak for himself,

“A man came to our village, he promised us work in a factory very far away, he said we would only have to work for two hours a day and we would get 1500 rupees a month ( about $28.00 - less than a dollar a day) and we would be looked after well and get some education. He made our parents sign a document they could not read but he said was just permission for taking us away from home. They gave our parents 2,000 rupees (about $38) , a lot of money for them”

“We left home early the morning and made our way to the train station. We rode the train and it stopped at Gaya. A boy selling water bottles talked to us briefly through the bars of the train window and asked us where we were going. He went away. But within minutes the carriage was full of police shouting and moving quickly towards us, for a moment we were very scared but they spoke to us quietly and said do not worry, but they asked some questions about where we were going and why. The man with us tried to leave, but then one policeman said come with us and outside there were some people who spoke to us very softly and kindly and said come with us. They were from Rescue Junction . As we walked down the platform the last we saw of the man was him being led away in handcuffs. We never saw him again”

Rakesh Age 7

These are the facts . These children were on their way to Jaipur in Rajasthan to work in a bangle factory. In the past we have rescued children from a different factory. They were made to work up to 16 hours a day, were kept in confinement, poorly fed and denied medical care and they were forbidden from leaving the factory compound. If they tried, they were beaten. The document the agent made the parents sign was a deed of sale. It is time, if India is truly going to move into the modern age, for this to stop. With your support you are helping us move towards this goal, albeit at a local level. For the rescued children of course you have changed their whole world. They will be reunited with their families with help towards their education and under legal bonds to ensure they are not sold into labour again, follow up work will be done. Each Child will appear before the District Child Welfare committee, which is actually held in Rescue Junction and his or her best interests will be paramount. On this occasion 16 children were rescued.

We really do need your support, 

Every little helps! 

Thank you,



Feb 11, 2013


Delivery to Village School
Delivery to Village School


What a fantastic response from all of you.

This appeal seemed to warm the hearts of people as much as it warmed the hundreds of children who received clothing blankets and woolly hats!

Thanks to you we are able to make sure all the children and families who needed these items received them, and hundreds of these items were given.

 Although it is still quiet cool at night here in Bihar during the height of the winter in exceptionally bitterly cold weather our health team, the Rescue Junction team and our teachers made sure that your donations were put to use with immediate effect targeting those most in need.

 Here is just one example -Our outreach team found a group of children huddling together scantly clothed under a railway bridge. They were brought to Rescue Junction where they were treated for hypothermia. Wrapped around in their warm blankets with their new sweaters and hats, and drinking hot soup  we are able to keep them warm and ensure they were no longer suffering.

Out in the villages all the poor children in our schools and in the communities we serve unable to afford warm clothing were provided with them.

On their behalf and hundreds of others , Thank you all


PS! - If you are interested in our work at Rescue Junction there is an active appeal on Global Giving with lots of reports. Just search Rescue Junction.

The Joy of Warm Winter Sweaters!
The Joy of Warm Winter Sweaters!
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