Ouelessebougou Alliance

The Ouelessebougou Alliance works in cooperation with 25 rural villages in the Ouelessebougou region of Mali, West Africa. Our projects are in the areas of health, education and economic development. The Alliance works with villages based on both their need and commitment to each project and is committed to training and capacity building. In every project, the Alliance is committed to the principles of ownership, sustainability and accountability.
Aug 24, 2010

627 Mosquito Nets Distributed!

Mosquito Nets
Mosquito Nets

Thanks to your support, the Alliance was able to distribute 627 nets to families in the Ouelessebougou region of Mali. The Alliance provides mosquito netting at a subsidized cost to village families to prevent the contraction of malaria. Since 2004 the Alliance has distributed over 5,000 nets, but the malaria epidemic continues to rage and threaten the health and economic well-being of the villagers who are not protected by nets. This year’s Mosquito Netting Initiative is designed to concentrate administrative health efforts to dispense mosquito netting to every child and their primary caregiver in 24 villages in the Ouelessebougou region. Training is provided for villagers to help them gain an understanding of the importance of using the net every night (the peak time for mosquito bites) while they sleep during the rainy season (May through September). Training is also provided on how to keep the net in good repair so it will last the full seven years.


Aug 18, 2010

Great year for vaccinations in Ouelessebougou!

We are happy to report that 5,369 woman and children received vaccinations this fiscal year (June 2009 - July 2010) in the Ouelessebougou Region of Mali.

Amazingly, the government of Mali offers free vaccinations, but they don't have a way to deliver the vaccines to rural areas. That's where we step in, providing transportation and pay for physicians to give the vaccinations. Our relationship with village healthcare workers makes the process seamless.

On the days we bring the vaccinations to the villages, woman and children line up since they know the value and importance of receiving these vaccines. The simple shots can prevent life-threatening diseases and save hundreds of lives. The Alliance really hopes to expand the vaccination program in coming years to rural villages that don't have this opportunity.

Studies show that if we can vaccinate enough people in the area, some of these diseases can be eradicated all together in these villages.


Aug 18, 2010

New School Built in Mali

This summer, the Ouelessebougou Alliance teamed up with buildOn in order to build a new school in Bamakoni.

Bamakoni is a small community in southern Mali with a population of approximately 650 people who are primarily uneducated and illiterate. Located in the Ouelessebougou region, Bamakoni has an existing long-term relationship with the Ouelessebougou-Utah Alliance. The existing school in Bamakoni was donated by the Alliance in 2001. It has 3 classrooms. When enrollment climbed to 140 students in 2008, the Bamakoni built an additional two mud brick classrooms. When necessary and possible, they conducted another class outside the school.

These 5 classrooms were being used by 6 teachers and 140 students (67 girls) as recently as spring 2010. The mud brick classrooms were not sufficient, and the Alliance classrooms were only in fair condition. The next nearest school is 6 km from Bamakoni, and the road is not passable in the rainy season. The village needed a more adequate school for their growing population of school-aged children.

Thanks to the contributions from donors like you, we are able to provide clean, safe classrooms for these children. Keep up the great work!


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