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Global Roots improves the lives of orphans and disadvantaged children with support of local humanitarians from all over the world. We feel the best way to bring about positive change is to offer assistance to the humanitarians who have already taken the first step to help the children in their local community. They are our heroes and it is through them that Global Roots works to protect the world's most valuable asset, its children.
Jun 11, 2013

Children's Garden and AIDS outreach is thriving

our thriving children
our thriving children's garden

We are excited to report from down in Mtito Andei, Kenya that Global Roots has contracted Jared Busi, an American who specializes in the construction of schools, orphanages, hospital clinics and other structures for NGO's across East Africa, to install the windows and floors of the Kimer/Kamba Cultural Center in Mtito Andei. Busi is also a well builder so he will offer free advise on how we can best supply our center with fresh water.

Global Roots founder Rick Montgomery met Jared when he was working with a Maasai woman to protect Maasai girls from FGM last year. Montgomery knew right away he had found a gem in the rough. Montgomery and Busi immediately shared their stories and became fast friends. Each man has committed the last ten years of their lives to helping children with sustainable projects in tough places. Montgomery would later say that Busi is the first person he had ever met besides Patrick Firouzian (a Global Roots senior volunteer) who has traveled over Afghanistan's Hindu Kush mountain range to help orphans.

Montgomery immediately started to test Busi to make sure he could provide the transparency and project oversight that Global Roots requires. Corruption is a huge problem in the world of African charity so Montgomery wanted to move slowly. After six months of chats, emails and face books posts, Global Roots assigned two 5K projects to Busi and his team. Busi leaves in a few days to lay down a second children's garden in Mtito followed by a "Girls Garden" in Maasailand. While in Mtito, Busi and his crew will spend a few days putting the final touches on the Cultural Center and devising an elephant-proof water delivery system.

The center was thatched a few months ago and should be ready for program launch this August. Everyone is excited about the center in Mtito Andei. We expect that the center, which will focus on HIV/AIDS education, will reduce the spread of HIV by 1,000 cases this year!

We are still looking for four volunteers to help teach and manage this center from September to December this year! Please email us if you're interested! -- a tax deductible donation of 5K per person will pay for your entire experience, including air fare from the USA.
Our Children's Garden and chicken egg farm at Matangini Elementary School continues to thrive and is the talk of the region.
Construction of a second chicken house at nearby Matulani school is already complete and another Children's Garden will be erected next week. This means that 250 children will be fed a balanced meal at lunch time by next September and more parents will send their children back to school.
children picking their vegetables for lunch
children picking their vegetables for lunch
Jun 11, 2013

Children's Garden is thriving in Baharak!

our thriving children
our thriving children's garden

We are pleased to report that all is going well with our Children's Garden and Foster Program for orphaned children in Northern Afghanistan.

Recently, we requested accomodation at Kabul International Air Base from the US Air Force and our request was granted by the commanding general Stephen Shepro.

GR founder Rick Montgomery and senior program manager Travis Gearhart were greeted upon arrival at Kabul International Airport on April 13 by Lt. Colonel Howard Gentry and a security team. General Shepro invited the GR representatives to dine with him and his executive team on Saturday night. This dinner provided an opportunity to discuss a wide array of topics including a shared belief that more small humanitarian projects must be initiated in the earliest stages of future low-intensity conflicts.

On Sunday Montgomery and Gearhart connected with General Assaduhla of the Afghan Air Force for an impromptu inspection of a K-12 school that the General's wife had raised funds to build. During his time with General Assaduhla Montgomery explained all of the due diligence, transparency and oversight that would be required for GR to oversee the rebuilding of the general's childhood school. Montgomery had planted the seed for the project during his first mission to Afghanistan in 2010.

On Monday, Montgomery and Gearhart met with a village elder of Baharak and two of the 50 children supported by GR's Baharak Children's Garden and foster program. Important agreements were made which will result with increased care for more orphaned children.

Review of achievements:

  • GR reps Rick Montgomery and Travis Gearhart met with a village elder of Baharak and the project's local manager Janagha Jaheed in Kabul. All oversight objectives were achieved.
  • GR connected with the COO of Roshan, the telecommunications company and largest single tax payer in Afghanistan. Roshan agreed to help GR resolve project-related connectivity issues.
  • GR made progress in expanding its foster care network from Baharak to Faizabad.
  • GR also made important on-the-ground contacts that will make possible a post-2014 delivery network for its Badakhshan projects.

We are very proud that we were able to travel back to Afghanistan this year to make sure our projects are moving forward smoothly and without corruption.

Our meeting with the village leader from Baharak was so successful that we are now looking to create a new children's garden and expand our foster program network to Faizabad.

meeting one of the orphans we support in Kabul
meeting one of the orphans we support in Kabul
meeting village leader from Baharak in Kabul
meeting village leader from Baharak in Kabul
Jan 28, 2013

Winter survival support for orphans

new boots and jackets for Afghan orphans
new boots and jackets for Afghan orphans

Recently we wired $4,800 to support 51 children, including ten orphans, through the cold winter. The support will be divied out by project manager Janagha Jaheed. Part of the funds were used to by boots and jackets for the ten orphans we support. Other funds will be used to buy food and books.

The winter funds were made available by our Children's Garden program. Our garden in Baharak, planted over a year ago, now sits under a layer of heavy snow. It won't bloom again until March. Because there is no need to fund a frozen garden we were able to divert the $1,685 we give every month to a three-month winter survival program.

In other developments, we are pleased to report that our friend General Assadullah of the Afghan Air Corps has asked for our help to revitalize his childhood school. We will send a team to Afghanistan in the spring to mentor the general in the realm of humanitarian giving (due diligence, oversight and overal transparency) and we will also travel north my MI 17 helicopter to inspect our projects in Baharak.

We hope to relaunch our Children's Home, the Light of Pamir, in April. The home suffered a temporary setback when a US serviceman went on a killing rampage in an Afghan village. Fortunately, after a great deal of careful communication and the example established by our successful Children's Garden in Baharak (near Tajikstan), the local cleric has once again approved our three-year old project.


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