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Compassion First provides long-term, hope-filled solutions for victims of child sexual trafficking. We bring healing, restoration and most importantly the means for a bright and hopeful future in the lives of women and young girls who have been sexually trafficked.
Jul 3, 2013

Conviction Against CF Survivors' Trafficker

Indonesian Courtroom
Indonesian Courtroom
Last Friday, two brave girls in the care of Compassion First (CF) in Indonesia received news that their trafficker was convicted and sentenced to serve prison time for his sex-trafficking crimes.

Throughout the court proceedings, a CF case-work staff member noted a transformation occurred within the two young trafficking survivors. "We thought the girls would feel down and ashamed to testify in front of the judges and the perpetrator," the case-worker says. "But we were [encouraged by] the way they have big motivation to speak."

This is the first case in which CF survivors have testified since the installation of a comprehensive legal interaction process designed to both protect and empower trafficking survivors as they testify against their traffickers. As the girls testified, they were accompanied by CF staff and supporters, including their house moms, social workers, counselor, attorneys, and personal security. Also the trial was not open to the public, which stopped the trafficker's accomplices from threatening the girls and members of the court-as is known to happen. With this freedom, the girls were able to testify the truth.

Friday's convictions come as a result of these girls' courage to speak, but also follows a positive increase in collaboration between CF staff, police investigators, and prosecutors-all of whom have participated in CF's and the Portland Police Bureau's partnered law enforcement training initiatives in Indonesia.

Join us as we celebrate this step forward toward justice in the courts and for increased freedom and healing for the girls.

If you also have chosen to partner with CF in prayer, please pray this Tuesday brings the verdict for another of our girl's cases. Pray:

  • for courage for her as she testifies,
  • for peace and wisdom for all YCFI staff involved, and
  • for the truth to be heard and known by all present in the court. 

Thank you for your support of Compassion First, and thank you for being an everyday advocate.

Compassion First


Mar 29, 2013

It's Official: We are a Licensed Learning Center!

CF Clients in English Class at Ruth
CF Clients in English Class at Ruth's House

Last week Compassion First Indonesia received licensure from the Indonesian Department of Education to become a fully operational community learning center or "pusat kegiatan belajar mengar" (PKBM). This achievement is the culmination of a prolonged two-year effort to gain an alternative education format specifically for minor sex trafficking survivors being served by Ruth's House, Compassion First's primary aftercare facility.

Prior to this, the only way to fully re-engage a girl in her education was to attempt reintegration into the public school system. This option presented sincere client difficulties, which included both security and flight risks. Additionally, CF clients faced great difficulty in their efforts to formally catch up to their appropriate grade levels. Having an officially endorsed Community Learning Center within the walls of Ruth's House now allows for full educational flexibility for CF clients. Girls now have the ability to engage their catch-up work, state testing, as well as the pursuit of an individualized education plan specific to their individual needs, dreams, and personal goals. Additionally, CF is able to offer supplemental curriculum including English, music, computer skills, field trips, job exposure, and career preparation classes. These additional classes provide a more rounded education experience.

Keren Baldwin is the CF Director of Programs. She has led the team effort toward academic licensure with the assistance of an in-house professional teaching staff at Ruth's House. Comprehensive care for minor sex trafficking victims is a new concept on every front in Indonesia. As such, each component in cooperation with the government is presented with the challenge of precedent and the gaining of approval for that which has never been done before. It is a major point of progress in the continued development of an overall frontline program for both residential and community based clients being served by CF.

We couldn't have reached this monumental achievement without you. Thank you for your continued support!

Mike & The Compassion First Team


Mar 29, 2013

We've Starting House Hunting!

Client & Staff at the Beach
Client & Staff at the Beach

Compassion First Headquarters is thrilled to announce that we have acquired the needed funding for a larger Aftercare Facility. With your help and the incredible generosity of Cornerstone Chiropractic, we have have reached our fundraising goal for this project and are currently in search of property. We will keep you up-to-date with the search and have hopeful expectations in locating our new home soon!

With the foundational costs of a larger shelter provided for, we would like to request a new goal for this project.

Our initial center renovations budget will be approximately $15,000 and will include:

1. Security Gate Reinforcement

2. Architectural Security Modifications

3. Additional Furniture & Supplies

4. Landscaping Modifications for Security Purposes

5. Room Modifications (Partitioning)

6. Plumbing, Kitchen and Electrical Upgrades

We hope you'll continue helping us spread the word about this project with your friends, colleagues and family. Please know that your contributions allow for restorative, life-changing work to take place, and that without you, we cannot move forward. 

To us, we are all part of a larger family and that is truly what will make our new shelter a home. 

For the girls,

Compassion First

CF Security - prepping current home for departure
CF Security - prepping current home for departure
Clients excited to help prep home for departure!
Clients excited to help prep home for departure!


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