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Oct 14, 2013

Young Women in Egypt Address School Safety

Egyptian woman participates in Internews workshop
Egyptian woman participates in Internews workshop


On behalf of Internews, thank you so much for your participation and support of this project. It is because of donors like you that we can continue to do this important work – supporting young leaders to harness the power of media and emerging technologies to help themselves and their communities. More importantly, your support helps leverage new and existing media platforms to ensure the freedom of information around the world, empowering everyone to raise their voice and be heard.

We want you to know exactly where your donations are going and how they are truly making an impact in young people’s everyday lives. Below you’ll find just one example of a project your donation is helping to fund.

Again, thank you for your contributions and ALL you do to support our mission!

Young Women in Egypt are Empowered to Make their School Safer

Through its Future Leaders program, Internews empowers students in Egypt to make changes in their communities. 

 El Nil School for Girls is located in the Giza governorate’s Imbaba district, which has deteriorated economically since the 2011 revolution that ended Mubarak’s rule. The district is a well-known drug trafficking center; at night after school hours, drug addicts jump over the school walls and use the playground as a hideout for drug abuse. Each morning students find drug paraphernalia.

 “Years ago, school security didn’t get much attention; however, these days, it seems that drugs and violence have infiltrated every nook of society,” said Laila Abdelkawy, El Nil School principle.

 Through its Future Leaders project in Egypt, Internews partnered with Hawaa El Mostaqbal NGO to work with the students at El Nil School to improve security and safety. The project works with young people in Egypt through social media camps that empower them to use media tools to address issues in their communities.

 Internews trained 100 participants at El Nil School for Girls on civic participation principles and social initiatives. Out of the 100 trained, 15 students then took the initiative to help secure their school from drug dealers by heightening their school fence. 

 Additionally, to keep students safe, Internews’ partner NGO will be holding lectures aimed at building self-defense awareness among girls, as well as teaching them how to defend themselves against drug dealers and sexual harassment.


Through Future Leaders, students in Egypt have learned skills for teambuilding, leadership and civic engagement to make changes in their schools and communities.  Your support helps us to continue sustaining this and other Internews projects that support open access to information and the power to connect individuals and communities.

Let’s continue to work together on this - tell your friends and family about our project, and share why our mission is important to you on your social networks. Most importantly, please continue to donate and encourage others to do so, too, until we can reach our goal!

We know that when all people have access to the news and information they need to adapt and respond to the events that shape their world, our world will be a better place. Thank you once again for your support.

Aug 13, 2013

Massive Typhoon Utor hits Philippines: How your donation is helping them respond

EnviroNews' live SMS news feed

Yesterday, the most powerful typhoon to hit the Philippines prompted blackouts, landslides, and flooding, forcing thousands of residents to evacuate to higher, safer grounds.

Among the current estimates of at least 20 missing and 1 dead, power and communication have also been severely disrupted, leaving thousands of Filipinos , particularly those most vulnerable along the coast, without access information.

EnviroNews has been working around the clock to ensure that communities get the news and information they need to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

 Internews, the Earth Journalism Network, and its partner, EnviroNews, has been putting your dollars to work immediately by piloting the Frontline SMS news service, which harnesses the power and reach of mobile phones and social media to ensure that timely news reaches affected populations in real time. Your donation has made this effort possible, making sure that those affected by the typhoon get the help they urgently need.

 Before, during, and after the Typhoon hit, we used the SMS platform to send the most up to date information about Typhoon Utor, locally known as “Typhoon Labuyo.” Integrating power of mobile phones and a twitter feed, which runs live on the EnviroNews homepage, together we were able to extend the reach of accurate and timely news and information to even the most remote regions of the Philippines.

 But there is still lots of work to be done, and challenges that remain. Many people are without power, and the communication infrastructure has been badly damaged. For thousands of people across the Philippines, a mobile phone or twitter feed can also be a lifeline to answer critical questions such as “Is it safe to go outside?” “What is the extent of the damage?” and “Where can I go to get help?” In order to continue to provide this much needed service, EnviroNews needs you to help in any way you can – tell your friends and family about our project, post about it on your Facebook wall or Twitter page, and continue to donate. Now more than ever, your contributions are critical.

 As we continue to assess the damage and monitor new developments, we will keep you up to date and informed on our project. Thank you again for all you do for our cause.

Jun 28, 2013

Final Report: Humanitarian Relief in the Central African Republic

On behalf of Internews and AJHR, thank you very much for your contributions to this campaign. While we did not reach our funding goal, more importantly, we were able to help our local partner organization AJHR stay on the air in the aftermath of the Séléka rebel alliance takeover of the capital, Bangui. Your donations, in turn, have helped an estimated 1.7 million people in the midst of a humanitarian crisis get the daily news and information to make the best and safest decisions for their lives and for their families.


Current State of the Humanitarian Crisis in CAR

Insecurity, protection and humanitarian access to people in need of humanitarian assistance still remains one of the most serious challenges for humanitarian actors operating in CAR. According to the latest UNOCHA report, "The security situation remained unpredictable with cases of violence including arbitrary killings and armed robberies. However, the humanitarian community continues to provide assistance to the people affected in Bangui and in other regions within the country where security permits.

 In the CAR crisis, information is a critical virtual lifeline; especially where physical humanitarian access is at its most limited. People across the country need to know what is happening around them, how to access humanitarian aid, how to protect themselves and get on-going support.

 The limited communications infrastructure in CAR compounds feelings of insecurity and reinforces vulnerable communities' sense of isolation. With reliable, accurate information in times of conflict, people can prevent an escalation of violence, ask for and receive assistance, and get out of harm's way.


The Association of Journalists for Human Rights

Internews’ local partner, the Association of Journalists for Human Rights (AJHR) is working around the clock to keep communities across CAR informed.  Since the beginning of the crisis, AJHR has continued to report on the security situation in Central African Republic (CAR), Séléka rebel advances and the impact of the rebellion on affected communities on an almost daily basis. Internews is supporting AJHR to continue with its critical work in CAR so that they have the means to keep reporting and sharing their daily news bulletins with local communities. AJHR distributes information widely through a network of 13 community radio stations across the country and through daily e-newsletters that are sent out to hundreds of humanitarian agencies, diplomatic missions and local organizations in CAR. All of the stories they publish are available on their website and on Twitter through @RJDH_RCA. 

Where did your donations go?

100% of the funds received from GlobalGiving went directly to our local partner on the ground, the Association of Journalists for Human Rights. Thanks to you, AJHR was able to continue operating under extreme circumstances to continue sending out news bulletins to the network of radio stations around the country.

Your dollars helped to fund and support:

  • 13 RJDH Staff 
  • 34 Community Radio Station Staff at 17 partnering community radio stations 
  • 18 Local correspondents in remote, information poor areas of the country that lack access to radio 
  • Most importantly, these news bulletins reached an estimated 1.7 millions listeners, all who listened in to get the news and information they needed to make the best decisions for themselves and their families during this ongoing crisis.


 What next?

Internews is currently pursuing long-term funding opportunities to keep AJHR up and operating. The short-term help you were able to supply during the onset of the crisis will make a lasting difference to AJHR and the communities they serve. When we contacted AJHR in the aftermath of the crisis they weren’t sure if they would be able to continue to operate given the chaos that ensued after the takeover of the Seleka rebel alliance. Every single dollar helped our local partner continue to send out important news bulletins and support their network of radio stations. That radio tower was not just a broadcast, it was a lifeline – including to those populations living in remote areas.

We will continue you update you on the ongoing crisis and the work that Internews and AJHR are doing in CAR…please visit our website, sign up for our e-newsletter, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. To learn more about humanitarian work and #commisaid initiatives around the world, follow Jacobo Quintanilla, our Director of Humanitarian Communication Programs @jqg on Twitter.


P.S. Next month, Internews will launch its Response and Resilience Fund: stay tuned for more updates!

If you’d like to learn more about this new initiative, or become a founding member of this fund by making a donation, please contact Amanda Frankel at

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