Platform for Labour Action (PLA)

We are an NGO that promotes and protects the rights of vulnerable and marginalised through community empowerment, action oriented research, policy dialogue, and legal aid in Uganda.
Mar 13, 2014

Rescued from Domestic Work

Ms. Joan Nabbosa is 16 years old. She was referred to Platform for Labour Action (PLA) by Chandiru Zuena one of PLA’s trained peer domestic work coordinator following information received that the employers were shifting to another house without settling Joan’s wages.  Joan is a former child domestic worker who dropped out of school in Primary six due to lack of school fees. Her parents passed away when she was still young. Due to lack of employment, a friend advised her to search for a job. It’s from then that her friend brought her from Gomba – butambala and got her a job in Ntinda in February 2013 as a domestic worker.  During her first day of work, a meeting was held with the employer to which it was agreed that she will earn 40,000/= per month. 

Her tasks involved taking care of 2 children as well as domestic chores. She worked for a period of one year and was only paid for one month. While working, she always faced mistreatment from her employer. The matter was brought to the attention of PLA to which we intervened and rescued her from this situation. Her arrears amounting to 520,000/= Uganda shillings including exploitation compensation of 50,000/= were settled by the employer. She was later resettled back to her auntie’s home by PLA in Wakaliga. Joan aspires to study a hair dressing course so that she is in position to earn a living. She will be considered for the vocational training course. Joan thanked PLA for securing her money because she was worried that she will never get it.

 “Thank you for rescuing me from the lady who mistreated me yet I took good care of her children and house.” God bless you - Nabossa Joan’s words.

Mar 13, 2014


Platform for Labour action with support from Global Giving is currently supporting 26 girls with school lunch, scholastic materials and physiological support in all aspects of their lives. The girls go to government owed schools of Lira primary school, Lira Modern primary school, Lira police primary school, Elia Olet primary school, Starch Factory primary school, Lango Quran primary school, King James primary school, Railways primary school, Adyel primary school, Canon Lawrence primary school, Lira Parents’ primary school and Sir Samuel Joe nursery and primary school.


9 school visits were made to the schools of: Lira Modern Primary school, Sir Samuel Joe nursery, Lira parents’ primary school, Lango Quran Primary school and Adyel primary school, Railways primary school,

The visits were made to ensure that they had all resumed with their studies in their respective schools. During the visits, PLA staff advised the beneficiaries to study and work hard to become better citizens as well as have a better life in future.

During the visit, the girls also shared with PLA staff some of the activities that they were engaged in during the holidays. Most of the girls were as a norm in their villages visiting their grandparents as well as other relatives; other beneficiaries were also engaged in farming despite the dry season. 


This quarter we were able to receive primary leaving examination results of the 8 girls that sat their examinations last  on 4th and 5th November 2013, the girls were inclusive of Awor Asha, Apolot Mercy, Akoli Frida, Aceng Dorcus, Apio Holga, Epilla Farida, Amodo Sandra and Akullu Elizabeth all belonging 5 different primary schools within Lira.

Though there was fear and tension from the girls on how good their performance would be, the girls managed to maintain first and second grades which means that the girls are ready to join another level; of school (secondary education).

Some of the results of the girls were also follows;

  1. Awor Asha 14 Aggregates
  2. Epila Faridah 24 Aggregates
  3. Akullo Elizabeth 24 Aggregates
  4. Amodo Sandra 22 Aggregates
  5. Apolot Mercy 20 Aggregates
  6. Akoli Frida 18 Aggregates
  7. Aceng Dorcus 28 Aggregates
  8. Apio Holga 19 Aggregates


19 PLA beneficiaries were this quarter counseled and talked to by PLA staff and especially PLA program Assistant who pays them visits both at school and at home.

As the year began some of the beneficiaries had problems related to their guardians as some of the girls were to be taken as baby sitters while 2 of the girls were being forced into marriage at an early age. With intervention from PLA the girls are back to school with willingness to study hard.

PLA is to continue talking to both the guardians and the girls with more emphasis on the need for the girls’ education.


Due to the need to perform better and study without  destruction, the schools that the beneficiaries go to have recommended that the girls especially the ones in primary seven and primary six to joining the boarding section, that way they will be able to read and study with enough support from the teachers at all that time.

They will also be able to make friends and spend time getting new ideas from both the friend and the teachers at all times as well as food which is the biggest challenge that most of the girls face in their homes


Despite the challenges faced by the beneficiaries due to increase in the costs of living, they have still managed to start school with interest to work hard.

This year the beneficiaries will need school lunch, scholastic materials and continuous counseling. 7 girls this year will also seat their primary leaving examinations and their schools demand they join the boarding sections so that they are able to benefit from the extra lessons.

PLA and the beneficiaries remain grateful to the support that is received through global giving; this support has given hope to a better future to many girls in the region.


Dec 11, 2013

We successfully ended this year because of you!

This project continues to make a big difference in the lives of the girls that are getting
the support and this has eased their access to education that has in turn built their self-esteem through their continuous counselling from Platform for Labour Action.


14 monitoring visits were made in this quarter both in school and the different homes that beneficiaries leave in. 20 girls were reached during the school visits well as 7 girls were reached during the home visits made. During the school visits the beneficiaries were encouraged to perform better and read hard for their end of year/promotional examinations.


This quarter an opportunity was provided for the beneficiaries to share games and play with fellow beneficiaries, find solutions to their problems as well as share experiences and interact. Other issues suchas their end of year performance are discussed and their expectations as wellas future aspirations are laid out and expressed for guidance. Among otherthings the beneficiaries were able to receive clothes, Sanitary pads, deodorants and shoes.


During the school and home monitoring visits the beneficiaries are talked and also
counselled. During the visits, the beneficiaries are able to share personal issues. While in school thebeneficiaries
are supported on how to perform better and also guided, the school teachers
have been involved in the discussion to work together with PLA staff to ensure
the improvement of the beneficiaries in both school and class work.

Zaitun is one of PLA beneficiaries who has benefited from the project since last year 2012, she sat her primary leaving examinations but due to continuous illness as a result of her HIV/AIDS status, she was unable to perform to her expectation. At the beginning of this year, Zaitun again fell sick being unable to continue with school and up to date, she is still recovering. She shared her dreams and future plans with the desire to continue with her studies and hopes to repeat primary seven so that she is able to perform better in her primary leaving examinations next year in 2014.


During the quarter we were able to reach 2 schools of Adyel primary school and Sir Samuel
Joe Nursery and primary schools with different messages, the pupils and our beneficiaries of the mentioned school were reached also other topics on children’s rights, how to choose a career and the need to work hard to attain ones dream. Continuous career guidance was rendered to the beneficiaries during the holidays.


8 girls this year sat their primary leaving examinations. PLA program Assistant was able to attend 2 different dedication prayers in the schools of Lira Police primary school and Lira primary school on behalf of the beneficiaries parents, the dedications prayers were encourage the beneficiaries and strengthen them during
their examinations.

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