Creating Hope International (CHI)

Creating Hope International (CHI) was founded with the vision of bringing hope to victims of war, political unrest, and natural disasters through programs designed to help them rebuild their lives for a brighter tomorrow. CHI's mission is to empower grassroots organizations that provide education, training, and health care to needy people. CHI supports organizations that respond to community needs on an individual level, foster community participation and utilize culturally sensitive education and training.
May 26, 2015

Access to excellent medical care

The Professor Yacoobi Private Hospital provides a much needed resource for people in need of medical care. Many people travel some distance to use this facility because they have no quality medical option locally. Dr. Yacoobi founded this hospital as a private venture and it follows her philosophy of quality: in care, medicine and administration, and care being available to all regardless of their ability to pay. The hospital is a full service facility with an in house laboratory that performs needed analysis for patients especially as part of preparation for surgery. In the first 3 months of 2015, there were 2,383 patients at the hospital and 41 surgeries performed including caesarians and circumcisions.

Here is a story: One of the doctors said, “One day I took a short break after visiting patients in my visitng room.  I saw a woman came right into the room along with her eight year old daughter who was in a state of shock. The girl had a serious problem and after doing first aid and helping her she recovered after a few minutes. When I asked her mother how long she had been having this problem she said for six months. She said that they took her to a Mullah who took a lot of money from them and a sheep for curing her, but still she didn’t get any better. I talked with the mother and explained that this is a psychological problem and you need to take her to a psychologist not to a Mullah and she accepted to do so. Then I referred her to the psychological advice section where she was under treatment for a while and after taking all her medicine, she became well and went home. After a few months she called the clinic and thanked us for saving her daughter’s life.

Thank you for your interest in Afghanistan and your support for our projects.

May 26, 2015

The Radio Station is on the Air!

Staff in the new radio station
Staff in the new radio station

Dear Friends,

 Thank you so much for your support of our Radio Station in Afghanistan. Over the last three months, the staff have been working to get the final details in place to put the radio station on the air. All necessary equipment is now in place, including the antenna and transistor. The staff have been hard at work developing a schedule for programming and pre-recording shows for air. They have also hired two part time staff members, and are training others to work at the station. They have downloaded music for air, have recorded peaceful and educational speeches, and have prepared topics for live shows. They have even recorded local citizens giving messages of congratulations, which will be aired when the station makes its debut.

 Four staff members had the opportunity to travel to the US for training, and as part of this training were able to visit a radio station in California. They were given a tour of the station and were able to learn from communications experts. The staff has now returned to Afghanistan, and is working to put what they’ve learned into practice.

 Again, thank you for seeing the value in our new radio station in Afghanistan! We cannot wait for the station to hit the airwaves!

May 13, 2015

A Special Day - Today! Matching Funds Available!

BCWC Students at a Ceremony
BCWC Students at a Ceremony

Dear Friend,

A Special Day – Today!  Matching Funds Available!

Today we have a great opportunity which we would like your help with. There are matching funds available for ALL donations made to this project today. This is a guaranteed bonus!

Starting at 9am EDT on May 13th, GlobalGiving is matching donations on our project! Any online donation up to $1,000 made today will go even further to help our work. You can donate any time between 9am EDT and midnight to have your donation partially matched by GlobalGiving –guaranteed! Just click here and support our program on May 13th.

Your donations will help us to continue supporting the education of Tibetan refugee children at the Bon Children's Welfare Centre.

The percentage of the match will be determined at midnight; the more given today the greater our bonus!

Please help by donating  to our project today, May 13th. Thank you.

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