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The mission of Project Education South Sudan (PESS) is to help fund and support the building of primary schools in rural South Sudan. PESS emphasizes the inclusion of girls and women in the educational opportunities it promotes. PESS fosters community empowerment and leadership development in order to ensure that educational progress is sustainable.
Oct 9, 2012

Update: Miracles after Challenges: 104 orphan Girls South Sudan

Ayak Anguei Girls
Ayak Anguei Girls

When you are working in the newest emergent country in the nation, The Republic of South Sudan, there are many challenges, especially in a country where Only 0.8% of girls in South Sudan complete elementary school, ranking South Sudan among the world’s worst for gender parity. UNESCO 2011

A tornado hit Ayak Anguei Girls School located in Konbek, Bor County and demolished 6 of their classrooms. Then insecurity from inter-tribal conflict forced the school to close. The girls did not give up their schooling!  They moved to another school in a more secure area until the unrest was settled and continued their education! UNICEF and UKAID are now rebuilding the classrooms and the girls returned to school on September 17th! 

 But against all these odds, 17 out of 23 girls matriculated  from Ayak Anguei Girls Boarding School to Secondary School in a country where  only 400 girls TOTAL are in the last class of secondary in the entire country! This historic number from one school could not have been possible without the generosity of  Global Giving donors who helped  provide dormitories and  bunk beds! 

 This past summer, two female Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver graduate interns went to Ayak Anguei Girls School in South Sudan where they did field data gathering: one to measure the impact of providing boarding and beds in the newly constructed dorms and the impact of keeping girls on campus without them returning home each night putting them at risk for  early arranged marriage and family chores not allowing them to continue their studies. The other field survey data collected was measuring the need and follow up  of feminine hygiene sanitary pad distribution and the impact on girl's absenteeism.

There was significant quantitative evidence that the girls surveyed from Ayak Anguei Girls Boarding school compared to the girls at another coed primary school were more literate and had the ability to express themselves in English ( the primary language taught  in schools) and give voice to their dreams of fulfilling their education into Secondary school due to boarding and bedding to keep them on campus without interruption to their education.

Annah Angeth Awan, an honor student and an orphan who lost her father in the war, is blessed to have an unusual mother who keeps encouraging her daughter to continue her education "I'm lucky to have a mother who allows me to go to school because she says, ' Education is the key of live and is everything in this world'. Annah has a dream "One day I will serve the world." She works for the betterment of her individual schoolmates and her community as whole. Her dreams are to become a doctor and help her people have access to healthcare. " I could not have this opportunity without being able to board and stay in school to focus on my studies. Thank you for helping achieve my dreams."

Another young girl child student at Ayak Anguei Girls Boarding School wrote a beautiful poem to express how much she values learning: 


I am a small child, but I am the person of the future.
I am the goodness of my land and I will do my best.
Teach me that my mind may accept the word of learning.
Learning is power; learning is the best in life today ever.

 Rebecca Ajah Makuach, P6, Ayak Anguei Primary School
If the World Were My Classroom” Anthology

How much more inspiring could these girls, over coming so many challenges from their culture, natural disaster and "against all odds" be than what Annah and Rebecca have expressed?

Thank you ( yin ca leec areetic) to all you who continue to meet the challenge by helping these future female leaders of South Sudan continue their education. By providing a safe place to sleep and a warm blanket and pillow to rest their head they are ready for their next day of studies!

With Gratitude,

On behalf of the 400 girls at Ayak Anguei Girls Baording School

Carol Francis-Rinehart
Co-Founder/Executive Director  

Anguei Girls
Anguei Girls
Annah Angeth Awan
Annah Angeth Awan
Annah Angeth Awan P8
Annah Angeth Awan P8
Ayak Anguei boarding girls on bunk beds
Ayak Anguei boarding girls on bunk beds
Jun 7, 2012

Description of Activities and Progress to Date

Project Education Sudan has received funding from Global Giving donations for bunk beds and bedding for the only all-girls school in the area of Konbeek, Makuac Payam, Bor County. Ayak Anguei Girls Boarding School enrollment is over 450 girls. Two dorms were funded by PES and in order for 104 orphans and distance girls to stay on campus compound to continue school.  They were sleeping on the ground warding off poisonous snakes and scorpions.

PES South Sudan Director secured scarce carpenters in the small town of Bor South Sudan in June 2011; Rhino, Ltd. The Kenyan carpenters began construction but abandoned the project July-August 2011 due to Kenyan carpenters returning to Kenya during the flooding and rainy season in South Sudan.  PES negotiated an MOU (included) for continuation of building the beds in September 2011.  Bunk beds were finally completed in November 2011 after many negotiations. But due to inaccessibility of flooded roads to the girl’s school, delivery had to be delayed until the roads dried up.  PES South Sudan Director then negotiated an MOU for storage of bunk beds with Rhino, Ltd until rainy season ended and delivery to the girls school could resume.

 PES attempted delivery of bunk beds on November 30, 2011. PES South Sudan Director, Daniel Majok Gai had to secure a truck from the Bor County Commissioner and also secure fuel which is not always available. Roads were impassable and the truck broke down. Delivery abandoned.

On December 1st and 2nd 2011, successful delivery and assembly of beds by workers, girls, school staff and PES field personnel! 

As you can see, the project had many obstacles, but thanks to our reliable South Sudan Director, he was persistent and resolved them all.  South Sudan is an emerging post conflict country where infrastructure is slow to emerge. Bor County, Jonglei State where PES works does not have the support a big city like Juba has. Other challenges included WFP food shortages resulting in school closure girls, insecurity with Inter-tribal conflict in the area, fuel costs and road infrastructure.   In spite of all the obstacles, a positive outcome is our South Sudan Director is now a part of the NGO Education Cluster with the Ministry of Education, which has recognized his ability to trouble shoot, resolve and preserve. He has become recognized as an outstanding leader in his field.

May 3, 2012

Ayak Anguei girls are in need of bedding and mosquito nets for their bunk beds!

Yar Achiek Magar, P3 said, “We have waited so long but at long last we are excited to sleep on the new bunk beds and mattresses. Please provide us bed sheets and pillows.”

The orphan girls at Ayak Anguei Girls Primary School, the only all girls school in remote and rural area, Jonglei State, South Sudan, are ecstatic about having their own bed and mattresses thanks to GlobalGiving and the donors who so graciously have granted their wishes over the past couple of years. However, bedding in the form of blankets, pillows and mosquito netting are now needed to add to the safe and comfortable sleeping conditions crucial to the retention of girls in school, and in their dorms, which keeps them from difficult domestic chores and less vulnerable to early arranged marriages.

In a country where only 1% of girls have access to, or receive primary education and less than 1% have access to secondary education, your donation supports our efforts to enhance learning for students at Ayak Anguei. Despite the joy at receiving bunk beds and mattresses to sleep on, the girls’ families, who live on less than .75 cents a day in the most remote area in South Sudan, are not able to provide their daughters with funds to purchase sheets, pillows and blankets. In the case of the orphans, your donation is the only support to provide these needed furnishings.

A look back at 2011 saw 52 bunk beds and 104 mattresses purchased and made by local carpenters in spring of 2011, delayed shipment by the lack of road infrastructure and flooding from seasonal rains, and delivery on December 1, 2011. We received a Skype call from our PES South Sudan Director, Daniel Majok Gai, describing the girls crying with joy that they did not have to sleep on the floor of their dorms anymore! A proud girl, Angeth Kuol, P3, came up to Daniel and exclaimed,

“I am so happy that is why I am crying. I can sleep on a bed with a mattress! But I don't have a sheet or blanket to cover me at night. Can PES help me get a blanket and pillow?"

We need your help again to complete the package of a warm comfortable sleep for developing minds!

Let's not let Angeth Kuol's plea for a blanket, sheet and pillow go unfulfilled! What do you think? How about helping us fulfill the 104 orphan girl’s wishes for warmth on those cold nights, and protection against the ever-present threat of malaria in 2012?!  Please help out by considering donating and spreading the word by posting on your facebook, share the request with your colleagues, friends and family and ask them to pass on the word!

How you can help!

$10 provides a mosquito net which prevents malaria

$25 provides two sheets

$25 provides two pillows

$50 provides a blanket

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