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Jun 15, 2010

Green Map Inspires and Trains the Next Generation!

Bristol UK
Bristol UK's Steve Parry training adult learners

As a supporter of Green Map System, you may not have realized you are also helping to support a wonderful internship program that bolsters leadership for a sustainable future.

At our New York office, we welcome students from all corners of the world to volunteer with us. Each receives training related to their own field of study. International policy, planning, food and nutrition, design and education are in the current ‘class’ of interns. As you can see in our blog at, between 15 and 20 interns undertake a variety of tasks as they are exposed to sustainability in action! Whether it’s creating new mapmaking resources or assessing the impacts of Green Map projects in over 670 communities, each gains important communications, technology, organizing and management skills that make a positive contribution to their community and profession. As shown below, visitors like Philip Todres from Cape Town South Africa's Green Map project often visit and share directly with interns and our staff to benefit ongoing development.

We have also begun our summer ‘semi-virtual internship’ program for 2010. This special program helps us assist a larger group of student Green Mapmakers. Starting with a two-day training, each student works independently on a theme, campus or neighborhood Green Map. As seen at at the link below, each participant blogs weekly about their progress, and meets with our program coordinator, Celine Teo Ying Zhen, as needed. There’s a midpoint meet-up in July and in August, an exchange of completed Green Maps and lessons learned by this cohort of students from six universities. We’ll also invite the 2009 participants who have continued to develop their Green Maps all year! You are welcome to the exchange – watch the blog for details.

2009 was the first time we held the ‘semi-virtual internship’ and we have improved the process for 2010. We appreciate having the support of Con Edison for this New York-based project, but hope that you will contribute generously as we aim to share the process and outcomes more broadly, creating resources that will help Green Map projects around the world, hosting their own versions of this program. Of course, we'll incorporate the outcomes of related programs, such as the 4BsHive, a network of European Green Mapmakers who are involving a diverse group of adult learners in a European Union-funded exchange mapping program (shown in the attached photo in Budapest's technology lab).

Our ongoing in-house interns as well as those who take part in summer programs and trainings give so much to the global Green Map program. Your donation is a big THANK YOU to their thoughtful efforts to make the world a better place for all of us.

Help us extend a hand to far more youth, life-long learners and other dedicated Green Mapmakers who love their home places!

As our thanks to you – we invite you to visit (linked below) and find out how to add our great content to your website or blog. It's easy and you'll be showcasing Green Maps, green sites, photos and more that help spread the word about the global Green Map program!

Our best wishes for a green and healthy summer!

Semi-Virtual Green Map Interns 2010
Semi-Virtual Green Map Interns 2010
Visiting Green Mapmakers share outcomes
Visiting Green Mapmakers share outcomes


Mar 9, 2010

Chinese Interface Underway at Open Green Map

Open Green Map in Chinese, in progress
Open Green Map in Chinese, in progress

This introduction is in Chinese below. Dear supporters at Global Giving, Thanks to you, we are now working on the Chinese interpretation of the Open Green Map. You can see the start of it online now here: We expect to complete this important work in summer 2010. Then, we will reach out to Chinese media, bloggers, universities, municipalities and others, encouraging more people to become Green Mapmakers and create Open Green Maps! Thank you again! You may enjoy using the new mobile version of Open Green Map and the Green Map iPhone App, too. Find out more in our blog (linked below) (in English). best wishes from everyone at Green Map! 亲爱的“全球捐赠网”的支持者们: 非常感谢您的帮助!目前我们正在着手“开放绿地图”(Open Green Map)的翻译工作。您可以在线看到我们的初步成果: 我们预期在2010年夏天之前完成这项重要的任务。之后我们希望能够能与中国的媒体,博客们,大学,行政部门以及其他机构开展合作,并以此鼓励更多的参与者加入到“开放绿地图”创建者的行列中。 再次表示感谢! 您还能够体验新的手机版绿地图以及iPhone绿地图应用程序。您可以在此找到更多的信息: (此网站内容为英文)

Daling Open Green Map
Daling Open Green Map
Bo Wang, interning at Green Map System
Bo Wang, interning at Green Map System


Mar 2, 2010

Take Green Map With You!

The award-winning Green Map movement has joined the mobile revolution! Two great resources for green living debuted in February - a mobile website designed for all internet-enabled cellphones and the Green Map iPhone App!

Ideal for locals and tourists alike, both feature "What's Green Nearby?™" a handy tool for connecting with green resources on the go. The iPhone App includes 10 additional sections, delivering an insightful view into this global movement through its engaging Green Maps, videos, photos, blog, and more. In keeping with Green Map System's mission of inclusive participation in sustainable communities, this dual launch is designed to serve a broad diversity of mobile phone users at no cost.

Access the mobile website: Simply type into any phone's browser. An array of green living resources pops up, arranged by those nearest to your location. Click any site for details, and then, click the address to plot the site on your phone's built-in map. Or, type in a city you plan to visit. Navigate with your phone's buttons and connect with nature, culture and sustainability sites directly. Today on the beta version, you can explore 9000 sites. In the future, you will be able to interact and contribute your own viewpoints, images and more.

Get the Green Map iPhone App: Search for Green Map in the Apple Store or click Version 1.0 delivers a view of this dynamic locally-led global sustainability movement unlike any you have ever seen before.

"Richly illustrated with expressive, locally-designed Green Maps, background on the Green Map movement and its impacts, media reports and news all come into view so users can directly explore the remarkable people, places and outcomes of the Green Map movement", noted Wendy Brawer, Founding Director. "Our design team utilized AppMakr to develop the iPhone app in less than a month, and members of our Board pitched in to create the mobile website. With the help of sponsoring companies, foundations and individual donors, we'll be building richer versions and continually improving exploration and interaction, contributing much to community well-being and the future we all share."

We invited our Global Giving supporters to be among the first to use these new tools and we welcome your feedback.

During the App's first week, it was downloaded in 21 countries, an indication of global interest in green living. Articles appeared in Treehugger, the Daily Green, Download Squad, 3R Living, and other places. A new feature was added - the ability to explore the sites by the Green Map Icon! Click Take Green Map With You at for updates and more about our first mobile tools.

At Green Map System, we've started planning yet another way for people to discover the green sites with an on site marker system that requires no technology, not even a map! Watch for news on this and other resources for youth, community and civic Green Mapmaking – and our sincere thanks for all you do to help us support dynamic locally-led Green Map projects worldwide.


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