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To assist the poorest of the poor by providing essential living support to families and children impacted by extreme poverty and/or HIV-AIDS in Cambodia.
Aug 26, 2013

Hope, Dreams & Extreme Challenges

Our new high school graduates are now waiting for their results on the national high school graduation examination.  We are hoping to have funding resources to sponsor a total of fifteen students for university studies in the coming year! 

Of these fifteen students,  six are already studying in Phnom Penh with our support. 

  • Two come from our AIDS Patients Family Support program (FSP)  in Phnom Penh
  • Four  students  come from our Rural Support Program (RAP) in Prey Veng province and are starting their second year.
  • Nine students are all newly minted high school graduates. 
    •  seven come from our Rural Support Program (RAP) in Prey Veng province
    •   two come out of our AIDS Patients Family Support Program (FSP) in Phnom Penh.

Tuition Costs

The total cost for tuition for 15 students will be $7,160.  The cost per student varies widely depending on the institution where each student will enroll and his/her major field of study.

Per student tuition costs  range from  $250 to  $1,400  with most student tuition  ranging between $250 and $450 except for the costs for three  students who hope to study medicine or health care.  For those three , the annual tuition alone will be $800 (nursing);  $900 (pharmacy/nursing);  $1,400  for a girl from the countryside who hopes to study medicine.  ]

Housing,Transportation, Food and Fees

In addition to the $7,160 for the tuition, we estimate that the need of an additional   $16,000 to cover books, fees, housing, transportation and food for our students. 

Student situations and  needs vary widely

Each student's situation and family background is unique.  Beyond tuition, the package of support which we provide may range from modest assistance  to full living costs.  Some students  have no source of support for their studies (i.e. they either have no families or their families are destitute and unable to provide any assistance at all toward their children’s studies next year).  

Our students

  • Four students  are from our FSP program.  

We  known them personally for at least ten years.  We are intimately familiar with each student's personality, academic achievements, family background and their families' financial situations.  Two of those students  were orphaned by AIDS and the other two lost their fathers to AIDS and their mothers now suffer from that disease. 

  • Eleven students  are from our Rural Assistance Program (RAP). 

Four students  have now completed their first year of studies with support provided by us.   Three students  work part time at our arts school in Phnom Penh . We have come to know them very well over the past year.  The fourth student, a girl who is studying nursing, does not work with our team in Phnom Penh because her campus is located outside of the city center so the cost in time and money for her to commute each day to the arts school would be prohibitive. 

  •  Seven students are new high school graduates  from our Rural Assistance Program (RAP). They were each selected by our colleagues at our partner organization in Prey Veng province.  In addition, a young American man, a Peace Corps volunteer who  is teaching English at a local high school  and  living in our target area in Prey Veng ,  has vetted the nominees,  as he is personally familiar with all of them.

How do the numbers break down  and what does they  total?

Here is a summary of the  candidates and their individual needs.

The  annual tuition estimates  for the fifteen students

$250:  two students.

$300:  one student.

$320:  one student.

$360:  three students.

$380:  two students.

$400:  one students.

$450:  one student.

$480:  one student.

$800:  one student.

$900:  one student.

$1,400: one student.

Total annual tuition of $7160 for fifteen students.

Books, supplies and fees

Books and fees:  $150 per year  X 15 students = $2,250.

Most of these kids come from families which have little or no cash incomes (such as peasant farmers).  This means that any  unanticipated expense,  whether for a book a lab fee or need an extra tutoring session,  is a potential crisis.  We are  budgeting an average of  $150 per student for "books and fees"  to cover these items.

Transportation costs

$300 per year   ($25 per month) X 15 students = $4,500.

The transportation costs for each student vary widely depending upon how far he/she lives from campus.  Some of them will be able to walk or ride a bicycle while others will need to spend $5 per day or more for transportation to and from their campuses.

Housing and food: 

$600 per year ($50 per month) X 15 students = $9,000.

Students from Phnom Penh can live at home with the families, this expense will be zero.  For the ones from the countryside, assuming they have no relatives in the city with whom they can live, this expense is likely to be around $100 per month for renting a very modest room and for food.  I have therefore budgeted a middle figure of $50/month as an average between those who will need no support from us for food and housing and those who will rely on us entirely because their parents are destitute farmers in Prey Veng.

The total for  all expenses for all 15 students:    $22,910 per year.

All  of these 15 students  are waiting to hear if they  might receive scholarship support from Kasumisou Foundation for the coming year.  At the present time,  our hope is to be able  to provide  a second year for  the six students whom we are already support and possibly the two new graduates from our FSP (AIDS Patients Family Support Program) in Phnom Penh whom we have known  more than ten years.

Together, with your help, these students have a chance to finish their education and enter a middle class. It is worth remembering how very few students even finish high school in Cambodia, let alone how few students of modest means manage to finish.

We have a unique  opportunity to change lives. It is literally a “ make or break” moment.  Your support can  make the dreams of these hardworking young people   possible.

Thank you for your generous support.

Barbara & Mark Rosasco


Jul 29, 2013

Summer Arts Camp-Summer 2013

We are pleased to announce  that our  Champey Arts Association will host its first Summer Arts Program  hosting approximately 20-25 children from the Phnom Penh Municipal Orphanage and another 6 children from our AIDS Patient Family Support Program ( FSP).  This  smaller camp population reflects our  smaller facility space to hold the camp sessions. None the less, these children will enjoy  8 weeks of  half day  classes offered Monday ~ Friday beginning in early August  through the end of  September, the annual summer school break. They will enjoy  learning how to perform  traditional Cambodian dances and learning about the music which is a key part of the dance.  Student teachers will provide both instruction and peer support to their campers.  

The camp session will end with a field trip for all of the campers and a graduation party to celebrate their accomplishments.

We are grateful for your continued support of our efforts to create a sense of pride of culture in these students by exposing them to Cambodia’s rich cultural heritage. 

 Barbara & Mark

Jun 28, 2013

Update on the AIDS Patient Family support Program

Inside the FSP: Transitioning to independent living

Mark left for Cambodia on June 23 , where he will spend 10 days  reviewing our programs, including the AIDS Patient Family Support Program  ( FSP) , which helps  indigent families impacted by extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS.

From the beginning of our FSP in 2000, the FSP has had a long term approach to keep families together , to prevent trafficking and to keep kids in school . One of the biggest challenges for the FSP is to offer the assistance needed to sustain families while encouraging self sufficiency.    Over the past 3months, we have continued our exhaustive and  careful  review of each family’s current status and  stability as well as their  potential for possible  financial  independence . During that time we identified 8 families who over the past 6 to 12 months are  gradually being phased out of our care, leaving us with a core of about 65 families remaining in the FSP at the present time.  We are please to say that most of those families have now begun their transition towards more independent living.  Much of this is possible because of our long focus on education as an economic enabler for children. The children of our target families  in this transition are now launched into a stable , lower middle class life which means that they are now in a position to provide family support for their mothers.

Periodic  assessments such as these are an essential and  vital  part of the FSP.  They free up scarce resources  and it  honors our commitment to our donors that we will be certain that funds are used, to the best of our abilities.

Mark reviews the status of each family every quarter.  Structure and discipline are applied with  large amounts of understanding, accommodation and compassion.

We are grateful for your support and  it is our honor to  have our efforts supported by you.  We are so pleased with the continuing progress of our families .

Barbara & Mark Rosasco

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